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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by millar876, Jun 25, 2008.

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    May 13, 2004
    Kilmarnock, Scotland UK
    I am after a new airport wifi network, and would like some advice.
    First of all I suppose I better let you know what I'm using now.

    The BT line comes into the house and into a BT homehub, but for reasons that escape me the wifi signal on the thing won't reach my macs upstairs, so I have a cat5 cable connecting it to an airport extreme base station (old shape White one with dual 10/100 and v92 modem). Then from that another cable going to my xbox 360, wirelesly I have a ps3, Wii, PSP,(all in the living room) G3 400 indago iMac DV in the kitchen for recipies BBC food and weightwatchers (origional 802.11b airport card) then in the main bedroom I have my mac mini (that I want to use as a media center/server with connect 360 and medialink) I plan to add a couple of 1TB hard drives to it and share on the network (nearly filled one already 203GB free) and in the spare room/office I have the iMac in my sig.

    So... What do you think is the best solution to get rid of as fast a network as possible? I think, replace the old ABS with the new one, wire in the PS3 and 360 then wireless to upstairs via an express and put a network cable between that and the mac mini. I'm not realy bothered about the iMacs network shortfalls because I want to replace that soon with either a top end 24" iMac or a mac pro. Most of my videos are 1500-2500kbps mpeg4 avi's with passthrough audio but I do have a couple of 1080p files. All my audio is on the iMac CD 2.0 and it can stay there for now.

    Any sujjestions for a better solution Witt be apreciated.

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    Aug 10, 2006
    I am also new to the wireless network business. My set up isn't as difficult in that my home is a ranch and everything is on one level. I get Highspeed Internet via Comcast Cable to modem. The modem is attached to my Airport extreme. My Airport has my printer, an old PC and 2 Hard Drives attached directly. My main computer, a Mac Pro, is wirelessly attached and so is my Macbook and AppleTV. I can see all of my computers (shared) from any one.

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