ADVICE: Maxed out MBA 13 vs. MBP 13

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  1. Frolex, Dec 6, 2010
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    Dec 6, 2010
    Christmas is coming up and it's time for me to get my first Mac. The computer that caught my attention was the new macbook Air, specifically the maxed out 13 inch ( 2.13, 4GB ram, 256 GB SSD).

    The problem is that I'm not sure if it is truely the right choice for me, or have I just gone hungry for the newest and latest? I have decided that I want a mac, but it feels like anything above 13 inches is too big because I'm going to bring it to school on a regular basis (however this decision not etched in stone). Therefore it seems like the choice is between MBA 13 and the MBP 13, unless I truely need better hardware.

    Now to my usage:
    On a daily basis I do the obvious things: internet, spotify (music), word, etc.
    However, I am also somewhat of a gamer. The very high-end games I end up buying for the ps3 upstairs, but I often find myself playing games such as HL2, Portal, Dota, WoW, HON, Total War, and so on on my current hp pavillion dv 5. For the future I would like to play games such as Dota 2 and perhaps HL 3 on low settings if that ever comes.

    I like the idea of skipping the disc drive - I honestly can't remember the last time I used a cd/dvd, since I download everything. Buying something without SSD also feels pointless, since It's a new technology which siginificantly speeds up things.

    A concern is the internet connectivity of the MBA. With a hotspot in the room, can it handle online gaming (if it can with a cable)? Also, will it be able to handle everything explained previously? judging from all this what do YOU think is the best choice for me? Get a MBA or MBP for christmas? worth upgrading to bigger size than 13? Worth waiting for new MBP?

    Sorry for the long post, felt like I had to talk to someone about all this !! :)

    Forgot about rebates. Judging from Apple store you can only get a 50 dollar sale + a total of 20 dollars off for the upgraded parts, for the student discount. However, my tech teacher told me it's possible to get up to 30% student discount in the states. I asked him if it was a separate discount from the other one but he got pissed at me for not understanding.
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    MBA and MBP have the same GPU (although MBA's is underclocked I think) so gaming performance is about the same. Online gaming is not an issue over WiFi (assuming you meant WiFi with hotspot), I do that all the time with my PS3. Today's routers are so good that you won't really notice difference between wireless and wired.

    I don't think you can get 30% discounts. The highest I've seen are ~15% so 30% doesn't sound right. Maybe it's different for teachers or maybe he/she meant that iPod promo which starts in early summer (free iPod with Mac).

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