Advice needed : Bad apple service in switzerland

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by chan2004, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. chan2004 macrumors regular

    Oct 7, 2007
    India, currently Zurich,Switzerland

    I ordered a macbook in swiss through my university on march 5th.
    Sent the money on march 6th.

    Its 26th now,
    till now, I haven't received neither my macbook or my money.

    When I called apple after sales service, It was another hell of a wait
    They put me on hold for 30 min before connecting to a person.
    when asked, they told me this was a kind of exception and the money is with their bank, but the bank hasn't transferred the money to them.
    They told me it will be another week before they can let me know when they will get the money.

    Pathetic service and now i really am thinking y get a laptop which gives this kind of service.

    Pls advice on how to proceed from here.
    Is there any complaint site that apple have where i can raise this

    thanks in advance
  2. lofight macrumors 68000


    Jun 16, 2007
    That's just bad luck, normally they help very good. Try again..
  3. Globetrotter macrumors regular


    Nov 5, 2007
    You could try emailing corporate?
  4. Nordichund macrumors 6502

    Aug 21, 2007
    Oslo, Norway
    Reading about your problems it is clear something has gone wrong along the line. Like you, I'm quite sure Apple aren't happy about it either. Unfortunately these things happen occassionally. At least you can rest assured that your money is safe and at the end of all this you will either get the product you ordered or your money back.

    What I would do is either cancel your order and order again or wait for it to arrive and afterwards write to Apple explaining everything in a polite but firm letter, including the problems you had when you called their customer service department. I'm quite sure Apple will offer you some form of compensation. After all by pointing out some of the problems in their system you are actually helping them to improve.
  5. chan2004 thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 7, 2007
    India, currently Zurich,Switzerland

    i didn't see any complaint section in apple site
    so, i wrote my problem in apple's macbook feedback and submitted it.

    the thing is that whenever i call them, they always ask me to send the receipt to them. I have sent it more than once and still they ask me to send it once again.

    the total time that u need to take to put the receiver down is 45 min.
    and this didn't happen just once.

    what really saddens me is that i went for apple because of their quality and dependability. how ironic.

    this is my second order actually. at first they told i cannot change the language of OS from german to english. if i need to do it, i need to reorder it.
    i cancelled the order. after 2 hours, they send me a mail telling the os has provisions to change the language. bloody hell. i asked the same question to them earlier.
    even then, i ordered it again. all i want to do is transfer the money from my old order to new order.
    so simple.
    but they just keep on telling that they haven't received the money. which i don't believe. cause once when i called, the guy actually told me they have lot of money paid by customers which they can't map it to the order even with the reference number.

    i can't reorder it now as my laptop window closed this monday.

    also for cancelling, they always ask for sort code. this code is not necessary for international transactions. only if ur inside US, u need this. even after telling this, they asked for sort code.
    its after this, i decided not to get refund from apple, but just transfer it to my order.

    but it seems, my problem just keeps on compunding and my apple experience is really pissing me off.
    :apple: sucks, atleast in switzerland

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