Advice needed IPad or XBox or ? for memory impaired person

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Akula971, Nov 30, 2010.

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    A family member of ours used to enjoy playing Harry Potter type games and things like solitaire on an old computer using win xp. After an illness they have been diagnosed with a form of Dementia, which in her case means that unless something is repeated, or is simple to understand, then it won't sink in or stay in. They still look after themselves and still knit and crochet. They have recently asked for a computer to play games again. So I'm considering an IPad or an X-Box. What would be the easiest for a person to use?
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    iDevices are all about intuitive ease of use. I don't see how the very complex console controllers could even begin to compare to the simple touch interface of an iPad. Plus, with a console, there's also the added complexity of switching A/V sources before you can even get to its interface. If you're talking about really simple games like solitaire, iPad all the way.

    Really, if you want to compare alternatives, maybe you could look at competing tablets rather than consoles. If eyesight is not an issue, an iPod touch is probably just as good for solitaire and similarly simple games.
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    Thanks for that. Believe it or not I've never used an X-Box, Nintendo or such. So I have no frame of reference.
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    Well, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that something which requires a TV, cables, controllers and the console itself is inherently more complicated than a self-contained unit, like the iPad.

    The simplicity of use and portability is a sure win for the iPad, as well as the large catalogue of casual games available for the platform.
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    Not to compare your family member to a child, but my three year old can do really amazing things on the iPad but struggles with the Wii. The iPad is much more intuitive.
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    Speaking as someone with an iPad and an XBox (as I imagine quite a few people here are!), definitely the iPad. If you can see it, you touch it. With the XBox there's another layer of abstraction there in the form of the control pad.
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    One of the more common side effects of chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients is something nicknamed "chemo brain" which basically results in a real loss in ability to focus, loss of short-term memory, etc. Its how the toxins affect the brain.

    My wife volunteers at our community hospital in helping people with cancer therapy. She went out and bought a dozen Nintendo DS units each with a copy of Brain Age (I don't recall which version), Sudoku and (I think) OMG or one of the other mini-games series. She loans them out to patients as part of her program and they are always in heavy fact she wants to go buy another dozen. The patients give her rave reviews on how the games have really helped to keep their minds focused and not so "murky" during and after treatments.

    The DS is very small, easy for weaker hands to hold and use and the game library is huge and heavily slanted on repetitive-activity games. Brain Age, and many like it, are great ways to sharpen mental faculties as well and most of these mini-games are total pick-up-and-play types. The therapeutic benefits of such games is well documented and a heavily researched area:


    I highly recommend you consider not just the device but the games available for the device and the appropriateness of same for your intended audience. Grandma may not be that interested in Gears of War or Plants versus Zombies. The iPad is also not the easiest thing to control for gaming since it lacks actual analog input buttons.
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    I am significantly memory-impaired due to longterm side effects of a medication I took for years. It is why I originally purchased the iPod Touch. It changed my life. I then upgraded to the iPad and have the benefit of the note taking and reminder apps, but I can also play very cool games on it. Plus, it is ultra portable. I would go with the iPad in a heartbeat.
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    I would say that the ipad, and ipad based games would be much easier for someone to use, the entire system is build for simplicity. I would say that the xbox, with all the buttons, all the different things you can do in a game, and not to mention all the extra components that are necessary, would be far too confusing.

    Get this person an iPad :D
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    XBox games can be expensive too. Agree, it's a lot of equipment to set up. Also it's fixed in one location.

    iPad can be used wherever - in bed, or kitchen or on sofa. She can also read books on it or draw pictures or look at knitting / crotcheting patterns or watch 1970s comedies and reruns. Have a look through the App store for knitting apps. Don't think the XBox comes with knitting applications ...

    My 4 year old daughter can navigate through my iPhone and find games and play them in a heartbeat. She struggles to navigate on my laptop - the abstraction added by the mouse / touch pad and the windowing interface is clearly an obstacle for her.

    Also the iPod is a bit too easy to lose under cushions, papers and down the back of the sofa. It can be hard to hold, and hard to see things on it if your eyesight isn't good. iPad is much easier to find if you can't quite remember where you put it.

    iPad for the win. And it'll make her cool with the younger members of her family. XBox is old news for them.

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