Advice Needed (iPhone Cosmetic Damage)

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    Hi All,

    I got my iPhone 5 from EE on the 28th October (UK)

    I put a case on it that day with a screen protector. About a week later I noticed that on the unprotected part of the black bezel paint had started to chip off, quite badly on the top two corners and some on the bottom corner. I can literally if I want to rub more paint off the affected area with my fingers.

    I took it into EE and after being palmed off by some sales advisor's I spoke to a more clued up member who agreed it seemed to be a fault (insofar as it shouldn't be so easy for paint to come off a phone so new) but said it was not EE's problem but Apple's. I booked a Genius appointment which the earliest available was today. He (Genius) spoke to his manager and said a phone so new with this problem would be replaced, but Apple's warranty only covers Hardware/Software, and that I'd have to take it back to EE. That was that and before I said anything he was up with his iPad on to the next appointment. I spoke to a more helpful guy floating around and he said if I'd bought the phone from Apple directly (on EE) he would have replaced it no qualms - and that I should see if I'm still in the grace period for cancelling the contract with EE.

    Back to EE - cocky assistant manager wouldn't offer anything, and that because I bought it in store I have no grace period to cancel my contract.

    Rang EE customer services who informed me I was just outside the 2 week cut off to return my phone and cancel, but when I first took it back to EE it was well within - however because there's no log of that they can't help me.

    tl;dr - both sides have admitted the paint shouldn't be flaking off but just keep palming me off and blaming the other side.

    I'm less than one month into a contract that when finished will cost me £973 and I don't think it's acceptable for me to have a product that is flaking off paint in my pocket after a week.

    Do I have any consumer rights or do I have to stomach it?

    Sorry for the essay.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tgi macrumors 65816


    Aug 29, 2012
    How have you been handling your phone? Is there any way that the case rubbed the paint off? Have any pictures?

    I've been using a black iPhone 5 naked for about a week with no paint being rubbed off.

    If you cannot get it replaced you can try repairing yourself.
  3. jaded-mandarin thread starter macrumors regular

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    I've been racking my brains trying to think of any incident where I could have caused the scratches/flaking. However they are only on the chamfer of each unprotected side - yet all surrounding areas are pristine. If I'd dropped it or rubbed/caught it there'd be marks in other places but there isn't. I can rub more paint off with my finger if I want to, so I'm sure it's just come off in my pocket. I'm in work right now so can't post pics but I'll follow up on DIY repair, thanks!
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  5. Brian Y macrumors 68040

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    Yep, go to EE quoting the sale of goods act. Since it's under 6 months, they have to prove it's NOT an inherent fault with the device, not the other way around. And unless they can prove this with an independant report, they'll have to repair or replace it.

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