Advice needed on Hosting providers and being banned

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Spanky Deluxe, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Ok, I host several sites on On the 7th of July I got an email from them saying:
    I sent a reply saying I'd really like to fix this, to log in and remove all comment and trackback functions from my site. I've had enough of the spam too and so I'd be happy to do this.

    No reply. I resent the email. No reply. I contacted them a few times with their online support text chat and they kept saying my site was disabled due to bandwidth being exceeded and that I should contact customer services.
    What was really worrying me was that I couldn't even log into my domain on their site in order to purchase more bandwidth, it kept saying 'incorrect password, the owner has been notified'.
    I thought I'd leave it until the end of the month when I should get more bandwidth. Then when nothing happened I thought I'd leave it for a month after it was taken offline. Still nothing.

    I contacted them using the system on their website since the emails wasn't working saying:

    I soon got a reply saying:

    I replied back:



    and then finally them:

    I've replied back but I've got a bad feeling about all this. Do you guys think I'm in the right in feeling pi$$ed off at them? I mean I said from when they alerted me that I wanted to fix it, now it sounds like they're saying thats it, I've been banned. My whole primary email system has been down since it all goes through this domain too.
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    Jul 18, 2002
    yes, in that they don't seem to have their crap together in providing you consistent or workable answers.

    i've had several bad hosting experiences, and i've learned to test support and customer service of a candidate hosting service during the pre-sale. i say you find a new provider and shop around a bit more carefully. fwiw, i use and feel they provide consistently good support.

    hopefully you have local copies of all installed software, database backups and maybe even an entire account dump (cpanel provides this function) so you don't even have to get your account reactivated to change.

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