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    I have just put a 120GB SSD in the optical drive bay of a 13" macbook pro that currently has a 500GB HDD which has the OS and all the user files. I also have a bootable clone of the 500GB SSD on a portable usb hdd.

    So far I have installed OSX on the SSD. On the SSD is an admin account called x for setup purposes and a new user account with the same name and password as the user on the 500GB HDD that I want to put on the SSD.

    What I wish to achieve is to transfer all the apps and settings over to the SSD as well as the the old user account on the 500GB HDD but not the Music folder or Movies folder which I want to remain on the 500GB HDD but I want everything else to come over that is in the Home folder. And all the settings of course.

    I'm at a bit of a loss as to the best way to do this.

    Any help appreciated.

    EDIT: It's OK I think I've worked it out. I moved the Music and Movies folders out of the Home folder. I did not think I could do that without copying them which I did not have room for. So now I can just used migration assistant normally.

    Edit II: well that didn't work the OS kept track of them even when i renamed the folder but I ended up deleting the Music and Movies folders from the clone and using that to migrate
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    Because you did it the wrong way. Apple has made it uncompleted (but hidden). See what mean by reading watching the article How to move an iTunes library to an external drive.

    So never just copy & paste. Apple wants you to use iTunes to move the iTunes Library.

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