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Discussion in 'iMac' started by rousetafarian, Jul 14, 2011.

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    As a forum/Mac newbie firstly let me thank the owners and contributors to the goldmine of information on here - it makes me feel a lot happier knowing that support is here after 20+ years of 'non-Mac' use.

    Also Mods, if this thread needs to be moved then please do so.

    I have a quick question regarding Time Machine and the back-up frequency;

    Last night I reformatted a 320GB Maxtor USB drive to perform an initial back up of my new 27" 1Tb iMac.

    Now this took no time at all and swallowed around 92GB including pics, vids, OS, other data etc :D

    On the next scheduled back-up will the s/ware perform incremental/delta changes and therefore not massively affect the remaining capacity or will it take up the majority of the 220GB thats left on the USB drive?

    I think/hope I already know the logical answer but would like to be reassured before I drop £100's on a 3TB solution....

    Thanks in advance...
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