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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by *old-guy*, Dec 13, 2008.

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    Please take a look at this eBay auction. It is listed in the Apple/ Macintosh > >> Accessories section.

    Or, if you distrust links, the item number is 120348321075
    The auction listing actually says on it that the microphone on the webcam itself is NOT Mac compatible. That's fair enough, the seller is being honest and up front about it.

    Here's the question though.
    With that webcam fixed to my eMac, is there a way to use the eMacs microphone to record short videos with voice?
    Sorry ladies, no porn here, just taking an eMac apart.:D
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    In the system preferences under sound input you can select what line-in function you would rather use. Be that from a web cam or through a built in mic. Same should go for Skype and other apps which should have their own preferences for line-in/video-in.

    As for a web-cam for Mac, check out macally's icecam. Specifically made for Mac with built in Mic. The built on clip might not be useful on the eMac's CRT but the camera can rotate 180 degrees topside.

    Be sure to check the system requirements for OS, and whether or not you need USB 2.0 which not all eMacs had. For starters check the Apple Menu, About This Mac, More Info, USB, USB Bus, will show you Speed. If the USB Bus says "up to 12 Mb/Sec" you have USB 1, if it says "Up to 480" then you have USB 2.

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