Advice on a PowerMac Purchase (With 3-Pronged Question)

Spike Spiegel

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Jan 27, 2002
Okay, It's about time I upgraded to a G5, what with Lightwave demands and WoW FPS. I was wondering, how good do people consider Apple's monthly payment plan for computer purchases. The interest is a bit high, but it would definitely make the payments doable, as opposed to one lump sum. Also, is the Geforce 6800 Ultra DDL worth the additional $450 over the ATI 9650.(and what happened to the 9800 for that matter, I thought that was BTO for a bit). Those questions aside, I was thinking of getting a dual 2.7, possiblu with a new monitor, I can't decide if upgrading from my dowdy looking 17inch to a new 20 would be totally worth it either. I would appreciate any feedback.


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Apr 24, 2005
When I purchased a mac about 2 years ago they were with Washington Mutual and they had no interest for 1 year. It really helped. I payed it off within 7 months and was good to go.

They are very good about working with you on payments and what not. Of course, that was WAMU i think they are with Juniper or Jupiter something like that now...


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Jan 20, 2005
You can get a line of credit from your banks and they charge a lower interest rate, usually 1% plus prime. Or you can take advantage of third party reseller credit programs that offer 1 year no-interest. Just be sure you pay off the full amount within the year or you get charged interest from start of purchase.


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Nov 5, 2004
Or put the money aside that you would make towards computer payments and when you have put aside enough to get the then top-o-the-line Mac, get it. You spend less and get more.