advice on best setup for playing downloaded films on samsung smart tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by madeirabhoy, Dec 26, 2015.

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    not sure if I'm going about it the best way.

    I've always used Plex to stream downloaded tv and movies from my mac to our tv, which was until the other week a 10 year old SD tv. i have an android box which isn't the newest, its an rk3188, which i bought because it was the only one that did scart rather than using hdmi, which my old tv didnt have.

    now i have a samsung 50" 4k tv, I'm not sure this is best way. i love plex because it shows all the covers and summaries and remembers what episode you've watched..

    1. my mac has to be on, and i spend a lot of time playing pc games using bootcamp and i can't do that when watching anything from flex
    2. the samsung plex app is okay but sometimes it seems to fail to connect. also with blue ray rips it sometimes struggles. the android box plex app works well but sometimes crashes.

    am i right in thinking i can't use plex on the tv without streaming the files from another machine? i can't use plex to stream straight from the usb drive plugged into the tv or the android box?

    the tv has built in ability to play pretty much any format but that means i lose the covers and stuff.

    how does everyone else do it?
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    Doesn't sound like you've got an AppleTV in the mix. Probably a good time to visit the Plex site, and glance over the capabilities of both Plex-free and Plex-Pass. They also have great user-forums there as well.

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