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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by uhmyearightok, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Hello there! I apologize in advance for the lenghty post! I'm just very excited about getting PPC Macs again.

    I've said this before in another thread, but lately I've had a renewed interest in PowerPC Macs and I've recently purchased an eMac to replace my dead iMac G3. Currently my other PowerPC Macs include a B&W 350MHz G3 tower running Mac OS 9, a PowerMac G4 MDD 1.0GHz DP, and a Mac mini 1.33GHz (still waiting on that eMac to arrive) I also have a dead iMac G4, iBook G3, and iMac G3 lying around still incase I need any parts and such. (typing this on Classilla on Mac OS 9 as we speak) :)

    I am looking to purchase a beige PowerPC Mac as well as a G5-based Mac (either a PowerMac G5 or iMac G5, not sure yet) and a notebook PowerPC to run Mac OS 9 on.

    I'm leaning towards purchasing a PowerMac G5 for the speed, reliablity and upgradeability over an iMac G5. This machine would primarily run Leopard as I have enough PowerPC-based machines to run Mac OS 9 on already (other than a notebook). Plus, the PowerMac G5 is a good looking machine! I've done some research and there's a quite a few different models. As far as I can figure the main difference is in the expansion slot type (PCI-X and AGP vs PCI-E) and maximum memory. I'd like to go for as fast as possible (a dual 2.7 or quad 2.5) but I know some of those models are liquid-cooled and I hear that some people have had problems with leakage... which is pretty scary. What do you guys suggest? Is there a big difference in performance, say, between a dual 2.0GHz and dual 2.5, or should I just go with the slower clock to steer clear of liquid-cooled machines?

    Also, in terms of notebooks to run Mac OS 9 I'm thinking a TiBook as I've previously owned a TiBook (was my first Mac notebook) and I loved that thing to death! I remember though that the battery on that particular notebook was awful and that the iBook (14", 900MHz) had much better battery life, which is kind of important to me even though it's only to run Mac OS 9 as a novelty machine. The problem is that if I recall correctly my iBook could not boot OS 9 natively (only in classic mode). It originally shipped with Jaguar. If I want an iBook to run Mac OS 9, do I have to get a clamshell? Are there any other alternatives that I can get? Any and all ideas are welcome!

    Finally, I'm thinking about getting a beige PowerMac G3 as well. So far, I can't even seem to find one for sale. I used to have one of these lying around as well (I got it from my former employer) but it wouldn't even power on and I ended up throwing it out. Now I wish I'd kept it for parts, since it was maxed out and heavily customzied.

    If I don't get a beige PMG3, I'm considering either repairing my dead iMac G4 (it boots, but the display doesn't work) or getting a new iMac G4 because to this day I still think that was the sexist Mac I've owned.

    Anyway, over the next few months I want to re-build my arsenal of PowerPC Macs again and any suggestions or advice would be very welcome. I've already learned a lot (like discovering Classilla and TenFourFox) since I started reading these parts of the forums.

    Thanks in advance!

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