Advice on GTX 680 with Twin Turbo cooler

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by blaakfisk, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Oct 17, 2011
    So yesterday I installed the Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo 2 on my GTX 680 4gb FTW, because I've read countless threads of people getting super low temperatures with it, but for me it's only made things worse. My computer is a Mac Pro 4,1, and these temperatures are under bootcamp.

    Stock temps: 40 idle, 70 - 75 load.
    1st try: 45 idle (even with 85% fan), easily went up to 80+ without doing much.

    This was with Enzotech forged copper heat sinks, using the 3m sticky heat pads, and the thermal paste that was pre applied on the twin turbo. I assumed I had a just installed it poorly so I tried again. This time with Arctic Silver 5 and thermal paste instead of the sticky pads on some of the heat sinks.

    I set the fan in precision x to always be at 85%, because even then I pretty much can't hear it. Idle was 35, but Skyrim went right up to 90C. I quickly shut everything down, reread directions, tried again with AS5, the result with constant 85% fan was around 35 idle, 80 load.

    I don't know what to try next, I know the temps are playable, but it seems strange that I would be the only case in which this cooler is worse than the stock cooler. Plus, easily hitting 80 with max fan speed is a little uncomfortable. Could this be due to the general airflow of the mac pro? If anybody has any ideas or suggestions I would be very grateful.

    tl;dr: Twin turbo on a 680 in a Mac Pro makes things hotter, even after several install attempts, looking for possible reasons/solutions.
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    Stock coolers suck air from the case and vent it to the outside across the heatsink. The larger fan coolers just blow case air over the heatsink then rely on the PCI bay fan to exhaust the hot air.

    You may want to see what improvement you can get by increasing the PCI fan speed a little.

    I should add I am just speculating here as I still have a stock 5870 although I do have a third-party triple fan cooler on it. I do hear fan noise under load but I don't know if it is the PCI fan or the GPU fans.

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