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Aug 13, 2014
Very worrying here! What should I do?
I would like to hear serious advice if out there amongst you friendly guys. This is my first post as well.

Here are the factors.
1) My gold 5s 64g one year warranty expires November 30. I did not buy apple care plus+
2) The cost I paid was 399 plus the 89 nude lifeprood
3) My phone fell off my car and was ran over by another car and shattered the screen. This was 3 weeks ago.
4) I took it home and plugged it in and was successfully able to back everything up. Amazing that was
5) I took it to Apple (on my birthday!) and hoped Apple would sympathize and just give me another one. Worst they could say was No. They said No but said they would not try to even repair it. Because not only front glass shatter but back around the camera also shattered.
6) I thought about ebay replacement front and backs, but based on Apple stores response, perhaps I shouldn't even try to repair either, even though as I said previously I could back it up successfully.
7) The Apple store also "dropped a hint" to me and said, sir, if you wait a bit, I believe you will be graciously rewarded. He meant that the iPhone 6 would be coming out probably and I should get that.
8) One thought I have is, once iPhone 6 out, then they will still have the iPhone5s, but discontinue the 64g model. I have loved the huge hard drive on it.
9) I plan to buy the iPhone 6.
10) Should I pay the 269 for the replacement. I feel it would be my last chance to ever replace from Apple the huge 64g model.
11) If I get a new one from Apple, I will not use it. I will keep it in perfect condition. I am using my old 4s now.
12) I will buy the iPhone 6. So I will be wondering what to do with the perfect 5s 64g I will have received.
13) I have a sense that the 64g is a huge enough size device to use as another "tiny ipad" or wifi unit or storage unit or ipod. Or camera. But again, once they discontinue the 64g this now is my only chance to get the replacement, from Apple.
14) If I wouldn't have had the 64g I might not have considered the 269, but I am considering now.
15) Remember, I never bought the AppleCare plus, so that is 100 right there, and to replace this phone, it would've cost my 79 anyway, so 269 minus 180 equals an 89 I would've been paying anyway if I had bought AppleCare.

I welcome any thoughts
I appreciate it


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Sep 5, 2012
Los Angeles, California
Buy the replacement from Apple for $269.
If you don't want to use it, immediately sell it - you should easily make a profit, which you can put towards the 6. Even if you don't sell it, $269 for an essentially new 64GB 5s is a bargain.


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Oct 23, 2014
I agree with just paying for the replacement. The repairs for the front and back may not be the only repairs you will need to make to bring the phone back. Its a can of worms you probably don't want to open.
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