Windows advice on PSU and proposed video card upgrade

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by anshuvorty, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for starting a new thread here, but I thought that the post I made in the 2013 SimCity Thread was too old and hence obsolete so I have decided to create a new thread with my question here. Sorry for the double post, I am not trying to spam the forums here :(

    Anyways, onto my question:

    i really wanna play the new simcity at the highest res possible on my pc. however, i have the following setup and in need for some advice. on my current pc, I have a corsair cx430 power supply and a 9500gt video card. I am thinking of upgrading my video card to a gtx 550 ti. however, the gtx 550 ti requires a minimum of a 400 w psu with a rating of 24 amps on +12v rail. on my current cx430 psu, it has a rating of 28 amps on the +12v rail.

    Is it ok to go ahead and buy the gtx 550 ti even though I am slightly above the minimum specs required to run this graphics card?

    PS: I also have 2 hard drives and a Core 2 Duo E6700 (nothing is overclocked) as well as 2 monitors (a 22.5 inch Hanspree 1920x1080p monitor, and a Acer 18.3 inch 1366x768 monitor)

    Thank you
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    GTX 550Ti is usually a very bad buy these days. The 500 series is long gone.
    Anyways. The 550Ti does not need that kind of power. It's a 110W TDP card, which means it should need max 10A alone. Also the E6700 isn't using much power, so you are good.

    Anyways, cards like GTX650 and AMD 7770 should be slightly faster than a 550Ti and uses less power too.

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