Advice on Replacing Time Capsule 500GB Drive

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by lasuther, May 15, 2010.

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    I need a larger drive for backing up my iMac and MBP. I was looking at a Guardian Maximus (which I might still buy), but then I thought why don't I replace my 500GB time capsules drive with a 2TB drive. I checked newegg and there was a couple of 2TB drives that I saw.

    $120 - Hitachi Deskstar HD32000 7200RPM
    $130 - WD Caviar Green WD20EARS

    Since its going in a Time Capsule, I'm not sure speed is as important and heat and vibration.

    I am also looking for an external enclosure for the 500GB drive with FW800, but the cheapest I found was $60. The other option is getting a $23 USB2.0 enclosure.

    Anyone have other recommendations or experience replacing the Time Capsule drive? Thanks for the help.
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    I'd get the Hitachi 2TB HD32000 I actually just ordered a few of those.

    The HD32000 has a $20 MIB so 120$ total is not bad.

    otherwise you can get an instant rebate on the similar OEM version:

    This is coming from a loyal WD buyer. The thing is the new EARS (advanced format drives...there is something a little wonky with them at the moment even on newer OS' which they say they support and Linux/Unix/OSX OS' should natively support them) however a few people I know running them on servers and such have been experiencing them to go offline or disconnect from the system. not to mention a slew of other issues that WD wont help resolve.
    From a few other things I've read they had a few issues with blocking a specific set of firmware on the drive if you were to use them in various set ups.
    (i know a faceful of info..but suggest the hitachis at this point)

    If you go with WD if you can find the 2TB EADS version, that is the best one I've used...i have over 12 of them used for media/back up etc.
    (on newegg i think the EADS are about 155 + shipping, so not in your price range id imagine)

    the Hitachis are next in line to the EADS as they are 7200RPM though 5400RPM isnt bad either less heat and similar performance from what I tested.

    Was the $60 enclosure the Rosewill quad interface?
    honestly, thats probably the best bet at the moment..its not a bad price and I use those for my collection of external drives.

    hope that was useful.

    edit, also with opening up the TimeCapsule. just go nice and easy on the padding, start from the port are to the atleast that was best in my experience opening a few of them.

    once that is done get all the screws out, should be a sinch. put a book or something about the size of the time capsule next to the actual TimeCapsule so when you flip the bottom piece up and over it stays nice and even and the cable wont snap or break.

    the little torx screws in the drive are from the ones ive tried removing are fragile and seem if you put a bit of pressure will be stripped so just barely put the torx/screwdriver in and give one hard turna nd they should come right out/loosen up that way they dont get stuck in the drive as they are a pain to get out if they get stripped.

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