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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Zobec, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Zobec macrumors member

    Dec 12, 2010

    It is sad but I need to sell my old computer as I have no space as I have just upgraded.

    I need advice on selling a power mac G4 mirror drive, dual Cpu 1.25ghz with firewire 800,2 gigabytes of ram (selling)with one Apple 17inch studio monitor screen, the apple keyboard (which was white but has turned to a cream kind of colour)cannot find the Apple mouse, the recovery disk and manuals. Not the original ram and no box. It also has an Apple Scsi card installed. At the time of purchase the G4 cost roughly $5000 just over 3000 UK sterling(using today's currency) with 2 apple studio screens.

    I also have an additional Tiger OS CD with it.

    The hard drive is the same hard drive that came with the machine. It is amazing how it still works. The DVD/CD writer drive can only read disks but will not burn to disk, how much does this take off the price when selling?

    I have a decent soundcard as the G4 was a workstation for music. It was the delta1010 PCI card. I have seen prices for these and they go for about £100 and upwards

    How much could one expect to sell a G4 power Mac?
    On Ebay they are going for about £130 about $211, one G4 I saw was for £180 about $292.

    My G4 has a lot of dust inside, how does one clean it properly? At the bottom at the front in the corner inside of the Mac there is so much dust I cannot believe it But I cannot access it because above it there is the DVD drive it is all connected together. Is there a website one can recommend or videos or any advice? Would be appreciated.

    I was thinking of using one could use some kind of air gun. Though I think someone who deals with making and taking computers apart would be best. I really have no experience in taking apart computers. It needs to be clean to make it function better. The G4 still works but it needs to be cleaned for sure.

    I was going to sell the G4 with the soundcard for £50 about $80 but seeing those prices I may change the price.

    Any advice on this would help.

    Thanks and have a nice day.
  2. Paulywauly macrumors 6502a


    Sep 26, 2009
    Durham, UK
    Never had the privilege of owning one myself, so can't help with a lot of your questions I'm afraid. Although if your computer is dusty inside unplug it from the power, get a can of compressed air and give the innards a good blasting! :D

    If you wanna clean the outside I always found that putting some sanitising hand gel on a tissue (the alcohol based stuff) and giving the outside a scrub does wonders too
  3. chrismacguy macrumors 68000

    Feb 13, 2009
    United Kingdom
    Id be tempted to sell the items separately. I see decent specced Dual 1.25s go for 100-130 quid (My Dual 867 was 80 or so a little while back with 1.5GB RAM and Dual HDs, but no box.manuals - just the Tower and a Power cord), and with the keyboard you can probably push for the top of the price range. Id also sell the screen separately, as they tend to get 40 quid by themselves (So thats about 140-170, plus sell the sound-card separately and you can probably get about 200-250 all in, possibly more).

    As far as the disc drive goes Id just state it is a reader, not a burner, and it should detract much if anything from the price as they cost about a fiver and are very easy to fit (I got my MDDs second superdrive for three quid used from a local pc repair shop).
  4. VanneDC macrumors 6502a


    Jun 5, 2010
    Dubai, UAE
    I doubt that unless you get really lucky. About 5 months ago i sold my MDD G4 dual 1.25ghz with 2 gb ram and apple 17 inch lcd display. also had dual layer burner and a new Hard Drive..

    The thing sold for a whole 75 AU, including the LCD display.

    Shipping ended up costing more than the bloke payed for the whole setup.

    disappointing to say the least.

    good luck with the sale.
  5. MacHamster68, Mar 14, 2011
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    MacHamster68 macrumors 68040


    Sep 17, 2009
    its sad , but G4 drop in price rapidly now , as most go now to enthusiasts and collectors , and not any more so much to people new to Mac like in the past ,
    because even here in MacRumors a lot of people say :
    dont buy it ,the G4 its outdated and slow , no use for streamed video and leopard is the last OS that will run and you cant run new apps and its a windtunnel so you cant listen to music because the fans are to loud , get a used intel mini instead

    obviously if someone reads such a advice and review of a still great computer for every day use
    he's unlikely to pay money for it , so the best chance is just before christmas to sell to get more then £150 for it if you are lucky , because that is the common rate for a Mini G4
    and the mini has the cute factor , but i would hardly describe a PowerMac G4 as cute ,thats why they usually sell for less then a mini G4
  6. WGoins88 macrumors regular

    Feb 8, 2011
    I would start it at $250 USD and go down from there. They still have value to people that want them (You'd be surprised, I've seen ones on eBay start at $.99 and go up to 250-275 with 35-40 bids at the end), especially people looking for Macs that are $300 and under. As for the "windtunnel" moniker, it's not that loud.. I can hear my fans, but nothing like my OC'ed Pentium 4 Winblows custom built tower.

    I would say $250 is fair because the RAM is maxed out, it has a good sound card installed, the 1.25 Dual is still a decent performer, and best of all, it can run Leopard without a problem.
  7. Zobec thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 12, 2010
    Hi and greetings

    Thanks for all the replies I really appreciate it. If I had checked the replies sooner, I would not have done the mistake of putting it on Ebay for 49.99:eek:. I had previously placed an ad at a place called Gumtree it was for about 100pounds but no one got back to me:(, so after a few days I placed it on Ebay as I thought no one will want to buy it.

    The G4 Macintosh of the dual processor variety from what I can tell, is a powerful machine. And I believe that most people don’t even need that kind of power if all one is doing is surfing and checking email and other little jobs/ tasks such as filing or spread sheets or home accounting, etcetera. I am not sure how it handles streaming high quality video but then wouldn’t one just purchase a better graphics card, the one on my G4 has the stock graphics.

    The only thing I can see as a minus in the G4 and it is not see but more like hear, is that it is fairly loud, even when idle but I am not sure if that is to do with the dust inside and the fact that all the parts, apart from the Ram are the stock standard parts from when I purchased it. I must say for a computer, it has lasted one heck of a time, and still keeps on going, it is insane. I was still using it for some simple tasks last month and I said to myself how does it keep on going.

    Paulwauly- I appreciate the tip with the compressed air gun and the sanitising hand gel, I have some hand gel but I never thought to use that to clean it, if only I read this sooner, as it is all packaged up and wrapped. I did clean the area that was most dirty by turning the mac on it's side I could get to the dust that built up in the corner. To clean the chips and the other electronics some kind of air gun/spray would have to be used without touching the electronics.

    Chrismacguy-Thanks for the input, I would like to have tried and placed it for more on Ebay, I cannot change what I have done I messed up I guess. Though it could just be my impatience but I do not believe I could get 250 for it.

    But you are correct I checked the parts out individually of a G4 Macintosh before I placed any ads. And to my surprise the parts add up and they do become expensive even now, well on the website I checked for G4 parts. But this was not on Ebay.

    VanneDC-I am sorry to hear these kind of things and that it sold for such a low price. I think it is strange that it cost more to send a product then it cost one to purchase it. Shipping is at a very high rate, I recently found this out when trying to get a quote for shipping the G4. I believe luck/chance does play a role, this is where my thoughts kind of stand.

    Machamster68-Thanks,yeah I believe you, I think that this is the general consensus of the negatives of the G4 but in all honesty for everyday tasks, I believe the G4 cpu is more than capable. And to also add, it seems people want things at extremely low prices they just do not want to pay for things, that is how I am seeing things. Hence why I put the G4 for so low, I believe it is worth more than that but if people do not want to pay. Regarding the graphics card couldn’t one just install a better graphics card to run HD? I am sure there must be graphics cards that work in a G4 and run HD video. I would take this advice on selling it at Christmas but there really is not much room where I am staying. It is sad I have to make room with all my other equipment.

    WGoins88- I am not sure if I have any luck to be able to sell the G4 at 250-dollars, as I decided to take out the soundcard and sell the sound card separately. I am selling the soundcard at a higher price than the G4 which does not make sense but the Delta 1010 to my knowledge is an electronic device that has gone up in price since it was released. It is professional soundcard and for someone who has an external mixer with their own pre amps the delta 1010 is good way to go. The reason I did not keep it was because the Mac Pro only uses PCIe. The delta uses the old PCI slots otherwise I would not want to sell it.

    I could have put it all together and labelled the G4 as a music workstation and for 100-150pounds, 160-240dollars but I am unsure if people looking for a Macintosh want the computer to be associated with music production. I once saw on youtube someone who had changed the fans of the G4 and the G4 seemed to have a lot less fan noise. If it possible to have the G4 like that, the dual G4 has plenty of power then I can see no reason why the G4 cannot be used for doing daily tasks. Power to the G4:apple:

    Thanks again for all the advice and I would like to keep all the options given open, if only I had seen this advice before hand but as I have placed an ad, perhaps impatiently on Ebay I do not think I can change it. I guess can only see how things turn out now.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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