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    Jul 27, 2010
    I'm thinking about buying the new iPad (or iPad 3) 16 GB in white (previously I thought the black version was better-looking but now I think otherwise). I don't actually need the 4G/Cellular -capabilities, but I am intrested in the GPS (I think it's good to be able to use the iPad as a navigator) so I think I will have to pay 100 bucks (or Euros) more just to get the version with the GPS. I would primarily use the iPad as a (university) lecture note taking device as getting a Macbook would be too expensive and as I'm excited about the iPads capabilities (taking pictures of diagrams etc.). I also intend to buy the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard. I would like to ask a few questions about accessories in order to get professional opinions. :)

    1. Skin

    I live in the cold Finland and intend to carry the iPad in my messanger bag. I would like to be able to use the iPad as bare as possible so I'm not going to buy a portfolio. However, I do want protection. Therefore I've decided on getting iCarbons-skin for the white iPad. My choices are 1) back-only black carbon skin 2) back-only white carbon skin 3) full body dark wood skin. I know the dark wood is the most popular choice, but I'm not sure if it's too "mature" for me. The black carbon looks great but is a bit "done-to-death". Right now white carbon is the first choice for me although I fear the device will look too white. Another popular choice would be the brushed aluminum and (even though I do own an iMac) I think it would look too "industrial" (as full body skin).

    I will buy matching skins for the Ultrathin Keyboard and the Smart Cover.

    2. Screen protector

    This is easily the most confusing decision to make. There are so many choices. Based on what I've read (and I've read quite a lot), I have five choices: Power Support, Mediadevil, Spigen, Moshi and Armorsuit. Based on iLounge's articles, I would like to avoid anti-glare protectors as I would like the Retina display to not lose its greatness (I intend to watch movies from iPad when I travel). The crystal clear protectors from PS, Mediadevil and Spigen have great reputations. On the other hand, they also divide people's thoughts the most. However, I think Power Support does have the edge. Many favor Moshi's iVisor (XT) but I'm not sure about the fake iPad edges it has (and I also question how the iVisor would work with iCarbons skin if I included front skins as well). My top choice right now is the Armorsuit screen protector. It's one of the most popular choices on Amazon and it rarely gets negative feedback. Thoughts?

    3. Sleeve

    I would like a case or a sleeve that would fit an iPad with the Smart Cover (for the times I'm not using the keyboard) and perhaps also the iPad with the Ultrathin Keyboard. I hear Sena's (or even Spigen's) sleeves are popular and Ultraslim and Kutu do look great. However, I'm not sure if they have the room for the iPad/Ultrathin Keyboard -combo and, on the other hand, a cheaper neoprene case (like this one) would suffice. Thoughts?


    My goal with the accessories is to a) make the iPad my own (I would like the iPad to be an eye-catcher while not losing its elegance) and b) protect it while preserving the Retina display's performance and not make the iPad bulky. I would really appreciate suggestions here and I'm sure I'm not alone with these questions.
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    Jul 27, 2010
    I've thought about it and right now I think I'm going to go with iCarbons black carbon (although white carbon is a close second) back only (white iPad), Moshi iVisor XT white (I was against this, but people say such good things about it and you cannot mess up the installation) and Xtremetech Zippered Sleeve which is deep enough for the iPad/Ultrathin keyboard -combo (which is about 0.68" thick, similar to the smalles Macbook Air). I also checked out Timbuk2 Plush but its thickness, 0.7", would probably be too tight.
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    For a skin, I'm sure the white carbon would be beautiful, it would be accentuated by the black bezel of the iPad on the front. (If you're not sure about this, you can try to do a google search or youtube reviews to see how it actually looks when put on an iPad)

    For the screen protector, you don't have to drop too much money to have an effective one. They're really simple to make in essence, without a lot of variation to them from company to company. You'll probably be happy with any of them. I've actually gotten a generic one from eBay and it has worked flawlessly. (Though it was hard to make sure no bubbles would form, however I think that goes for most screen protectors)

    For the sleeve, I do believe that sleeve will work with a keyboard or smart cover case attached to your iPad. You could also check out my site if you'd like for an iPad sleeve that fits the iPad with accessories attached, made with felt and a leather strap. (Suggesting it because you're looking for something elegant)

    Hope this helps,
    Cheers :)

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