Advice on switching to Mac (for a non-technical person)..

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    I am posting this to possibly receive opinions and advice regarding buying a Mac for my sister. She has been a windows user all her student life and has just graduated from Univ. She will be spending a year in Asia (India) on an arts fellowship and I've convinced her she needs to look into getting a laptop. She's not a techie but is relatively computer-savvy - i.e can use the basic Wordprocessing apps and the Internet etc but will probably have no idea of how to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

    I've been thinking hard of whether it's worth it to get a 12" iBook or go for a PC type laptop. I'm obviously leaning towards the iBook (myself being a recent switcher) but I've also had to do my own research on figuring out how things work in the Mac world and getting help from many helpful folks here. :) In my sister's situation, she will be halfway around the world from me (her free technical consultant) :rolleyes: so not sure how she will handle the whole Mac switching experience... I suppose she could get one right away and spend the next couple of months getting familiar with it before she leaves.

    Another thing I was wondering is Applecare covered in India? If she buys the machine from here and if something goes wrong.. are there service agents available? Not sure what kind of in-person help will be available ... assuming that Mac users are far less than PC users. As for technical help and hoe to get things done, she will pretty much have to come to these boards for help. This is pretty much the only thing that's holding me up.. otherwise I'd tell her to get the iBook.

    Anyhow... that's the situation so far. Thoughts?

    On a related note, does she need to buy a adaptor/converter (for 220V) to be able to charge it in that part oft he world. I'm thinking the iBook itself is dual-voltage ... any setting I need to be aware about in OS X?

    Thanks for your time... :)
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    I've used my TiBook (US) in India, China and Australia. I just bought a universal adapter kit; Apple sells one that's very good. I have heard that newer PBs bought in the states don't necessarily have universal voltage AC adapters, so make sure you check before you buy.

    My wife is similar to your sister - long time PC user, but not a techie. She recently switched and has very little difficulty picking up OS X.

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