Advice on this camera, I am planning on getting @ black friday.


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Jul 17, 2007
Ok, back story. I am wanting a camera to take decent pictures and videos. I want to take just random videos on adventures my friends and I get into.
(sort of just simple videos like this )

I have a macbook and would like to do my editing in imovie or final cut express. The camera I am looking at is this:

Hopefully, I can use this camera to sinc up with imvoie and final cut express. Any things stopping me from doing that with this cam?
My price range is around 200 bucks. I would really like your suggestions if this camera is the best bet for me or should I go with those flip camcorders and shine on the pictures. I can purchase this for 179.99 on blackfriday.



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Jul 21, 2008
I have the Canon SD780IS and for a tiny pocketable camera, it's very good. The SX120IS that the other poster suggested is probably a good one too, but I don't think it's as pocketable. I keep mine in a little neoprene cell phone pouch and in one pocket or another everywhere i go, something I can't do with my DSLR.

As for its videos, they work perfectly well in iMovie. I haven't put together a video in Final Cut Express with any yet, but they're quicktime movies so there's no reason why you couldn't. If there is a con to it, it's the 3x zoom, but then it also goes very wide and its a small, highly portable camera. There always is a tradeoff.

If you have an opportunity, go take a look at it. I think your local Wal Mart has both of these on display so you can take an SDHC card with you and give them a try.
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