Advice on upgrading 2010 13' MBP

Lambo The Jambo

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Jun 13, 2012
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi folks,

First post and I'm looking for a little advice.

I currently own a 2010 13' MBP, it's the 2.4ghz, 4GB ram version. Whilst I would love to upgrade to the latest machine I was hoping upgrading might be able to keep me happy for a little longer.

I have recently got more into my photography and begun using Aperture on a regular basis. I'm finding that the hardware is struggling to keep up with demands of the software and can be rather laggy when editing and hoping between images.

Would I notice improvement if I double up the RAM to 8GB? Or is it worth upgrading the HDD to SSD?

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.



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Apr 14, 2010
Generally, I have had pretty good luck with both increased RAM and SSDs for making things feel a lot zippier.
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