Advice on using iPads in a shared classroom environment?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by stanw, Mar 23, 2017.

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    I'd like to get 25 iPad Pros to use in a classroom where students will check them out and use Adobe Mobile apps, Sketchbook Pro, etc. We have a site license for Adobe CC so it is a single account that will be used on all the Adobe apps so the students will not have individual accounts. I'm trying to determine how students can checkout an iPad for a class, create some digital art, and somehow synch it/copy it back to a Mac. I think email is an option, though there are file size limit potential issues, AirDrop might be a possibility, though it doesn't always work. I thought about creating a single Dropbox or OneDrive account that students can upload their work, and they access it on a Mac and copy their files to a USB to be able to work on it later.

    I'm just not sure how this will work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    25 iPad Pros? Are you teaching at a public school? My department only has 20 iPad 2's. No, not the Air 2. iPad 2. I would love to have access to the funds to upgrade them.

    Sorry, I know that doesn't answer your question. :D
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    I personally always use AirDrop, but if that's being problematic for you, here are some options:

    The DropBox idea could work, and basically all similar cloud solutions.
    iMessage could work - file size should be no problem. I've sent upwards of 20GB with iMessage. Don't know if there even is a limit.
    Can always transfer through a Lightning to USB connection. The Adobe apps do support file share through iTunes if I remember correctly.
    There are certain storage options that can connect directly to iOS devices and come with an app that transfers data to the drive, that you can then plug directly into the USB port of a Mac. iXPand by SanDisk is one such device.
    There are probably more options I haven't thought of yet
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    It is for a college that teaches design and multimedia.
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    The thing with the Dropbox account or Onedrive, and iMessages, etc. is that the iPads will have to be singed into some master account that students will Share their work to when they are done with the iPads. They will then need to access those files from a computer that is logged into that Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. account where they can retrieve their files and copy them to a flash drive, etc. Unless there is some other way of working with these types of cloud accounts?

    How do you transfer these types of files with a Lightning to a USB connection? Do you mean through the apps section in iTunes?
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    Easiest is AirDrop
    Better is WebDav
    Best would be OwnCloud
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    I've only really used Google Drive, but I assume the same goes for the rest of the bunch – You can create a shared folder from one "master account" that is then shared with all the students, such that anything placed in the shared folder gets sync'd to all who subscribed to the shared folder, and at least with Google Drive, I believe it only eats up storage space on the "master account" so all don't need to be paying. With iMessage you could feasibly create an AppleID that's public of sorts that all then log into and can send files to that then get sent to everyone. Though it may be annoying being pinged with other people's work.

    Yes. If you plug into the computer with the Lightning to USB cable, and you go to apps in iTunes, you can scroll down to file sharing. Pick the app on the left, find the file on the right, and simply drag it on to the desktop (or anywhere else). I haven't tested with the Adobe apps, but works flawlessly with FiLMiC Pro. I mostly transfer with Air Drop, but if you have a lot of video clips to transfer it works well. + you don't need to sync - you can just drag and drop
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    Do the apps all work with Creative Cloud? If you are open to the idea of a common Dropbox folder, maybe saving them to CC is an option.
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    Have you contacted your school's IT department, they may have policies and procedures for such things

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