Advice on using older Mac machines for 4k video


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Oct 4, 2019
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My brother is a musician that produces all of his audio and 4k video. He is using a 2014 MBP right now. It's got a nice processor in it but he's way too low on RAM, storage, and needs an eGPU (which he doesn't currently have).

I have a 2010 Mac Mini Server and a cMP 2,1 - neither of which I plan on using. The Mini needs an upgrade to SSD and 16GB RAM to be viable for much of anything. The cMP has 32GB RAM, 8-core 3.0ghz, and a 1GB video card. Obviously, the video card needs an upgrade. I know running Windows 10 on the cMP will also boost his capabilities.

He's on the east coast and I'm on the west coast. Shipping the cMP would cost $50-100 between ground postage and packaging. The Mini would clearly ship more easily and cheaper.

I know neither of these machines are outright dynamite for his use, however, he's choked out right now on what he's using. He is a very skilled artist but not near in tune with how improvements in technology can make his work better. Given that I have these two machines at my disposal and want them to go to good use, how can he use them or combine use with his MBP for better production?


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Apr 23, 2010
You didn't mention what NLE he is using, or hoping to use. FWIW you can ship a Mini for less than $15 at the USPS with one of their prepaid priority mail boxes. May Suggest poking around on a discussion thread for 2,1 Mac Pros and see if anyone knows if you can edit 4K and how it should be configured? Same with Mini.

If he's using FCPX, then using Proxy on import can help. It will take a long time to import, but his "timeline experience" will be better.