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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roknjohn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Forgive the long post, but I'm just like that..

    I've been a Cingular, now-At&T, customer for well over 10 years. For most of that time, I've been on a shared family plan with 4 phone lines. I bought my first iPhone (1G-8GB) directly from (unsubsidized) in Aug07. I liked it so much that I upgraded my wife's phone (same model) for Christmas (Dec07). Things went well until we both dropped our phones within the same week this spring. Both glasses cracked, but everything else worked perfect.

    The 3G phones had been out for some time, and the repair cost was going to be more than the upgrade cost ($199), so I decided to upgrade us both in Apr09. [To my surprise, my phone bill went up $30 a month. My original phones had $20 plans with 200 SMS. The new iphones required $30 plans with no SMS. Add $5 per line to get 200 SMS - well that's a whole other story]

    All was well until today, when I dropped by new 3G. Broken glass but everything works OK. I immediately went online to see what a new 3GS would cost. $399 since my line was not eligible for an upgrade, of course. I thought about upgrading one of my other lines (non-iPhone) but thought they would stick me with another data plan. So I went ahead and pulled the trigger and ordered the $399 upgrade (16G-3GS).

    Now, here's the funny thing. I noticed (after I ordered) that my wife's line was eligible for an upgrade, even though I just upgraded her line two months ago. Under her line, I could have purchased the same phone for only $199. If I had done that, how easily could I have made that work (i.e. my number on the new 3GS, and her's staying as is)? Did I just waste $200?

    At any rate, it looks like I will end up with 3 iPhones that I'm no longer using. Are these worth anything with broken glasses? I thought about keeping one for development purposes. (I am a registered iPhone developer, but haven't found the time to build that app that I've been thinking about for a while now.) But, is that really necessary, or would my own phone suffice?

    Should I fix the phones before selling them? How about these $80 mail-in repair services? The DIY video looks very complicated. (I'm not sure that I would still respect my phone after that.)

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Call AT&T customer care, and if you extend the contract on your wife's line (aka - upgrade) they can probably credit you the extra money. We would do that at Verizon.
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    I'm pretty sure I've seen sites that will buy them even in a damaged condition. They have the means to repair them easily and turn a quick profit.
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