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    Nov 11, 2006
    I need a little advice from some people with more apple experience than me (which is close to none).

    I got my C2MBP 15" on monday afternoon - after three weeks of waiting for it from shanghai. Optical Drive not working! :mad:

    So, I called apple - they say it's up to me whether I want to get it repaired or return this one, and buy another. I also went to the apple-store, and they need to wait a 3-4 days for a replacement-drive, will then replace the broken one.

    Now the dilemma: With the repair probably going to take about a week, I will get my machine back on the last day (or the day after) of the free-return-policy. So what if it isn't fixed properly? Or something else is wrong? Since I only had it for 4-5 hours I dont really know if anything else could be wrong. And I dont wanna get stuck in one of those never-ending repair-cycles!!

    Then again - i DONT wanna wait another 3 weeks, unless absolutely nescessary, which speaks against me returning this one, and getting another (which will probably have something else wrong with it, with my luck!)

    What to do? Would it be possible to get "extended" my return-policy, since the machine went straight to repair? Or should I go for the repair, and if it isnt back on the last day of my return-policy, I will simply call apple anyway, and say I want to return it? OR! Should I just stop being paranoid, and have faith in apple, and expect them to fix the issue!?
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    Nov 11, 2006
    Well, its been a week and a half since this post and I can answer my own question now !!

    My advice to anyone in this sort of dilemma would be: Return the damn thing as fast as possible!

    I went to the apple shop (on a monday) and they said it would take them 3-4 days to change the superdrive - they were waiting for some new drives, and couldnt do it straight away. 3-4 days - no problem, I thought. I checked in on them EVERY god damn day of that week, and every day they assured it would be ready "by friday". Until thursday, when they suddenly had forgotten all about me, and my superdrive issue, and finally friday, they told me when I phoned them, that it would take "another couple of weeks!", what bastards. So I said to the guy on the phone, that they could just forget about, and I would pick my MBP up later that afternoon. When I came to pick it up, they couldnt find it. Two guys looked for it for half an hour before it showed up.

    I called apple, they said they would send me a new one straight away, the old one got picked up by TNT yesterday.

    Stay away from those repair-shops! You will get screwed over! (a least here in copenhagen!)

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