Advice? Which device to retain value?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Squirreljam, May 31, 2017.

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    Hi all, hoping to get help from the hive mind. I'm in need of another iPhone for my middle kid in the next month or so. My wife and I are both on ip6 and need new phones but are holding out for the 8/whatever. Since that phone won't be out till after I need one for my daughter, i am going to buy something on swappa for the short term and either give that to my daughter or use it myself and give my kid my 6. I'll probably resell whatever I get after the 8 is released or keep it and sell our two sixes.

    Which phone will likely hold the most value after the release of the 8? Not critically important, but what would you buy and why?
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    The most current iPhone 7 would likely Hold the best value, pending what storage and or if you choose the Plus model.

    That said, being you're likely upgrading to the iPhone 8 when it launches, I would try and save the money and perhaps look into the 6s. It seems you want a short term iPhone until the more superior model launches and its similar in terms of hardware/software, with the iPhone 7 having some advantages with the stereo speakers, Haptic home button, etc.

    I agree though, Swappa is the safest bet to purchase online from.
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    grab a se for 159 (new) unlock it. Att prepaid or bootmobile ones i saw lately in that price range.. Use it and then keep it for future backup phone.
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    Get a SE and give that to your daughter. ( Or ask her if she'd rather have your old ip6.)

    The ip6 isnt a good hand-me-down phone unless you are on a real tight budget.

    Once you get the new phones for your wife and yourself, then sell your ip6's (or keep one as a backup).

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