Advisable to manually run the fans at full-speed during games?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by iRoranik, Oct 8, 2015.

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    Sep 11, 2015
    Hello everyone! Since almost two weeks, I own the 5K iMac with the M295X graphics card. I've tested several of my applications, including a number of games in Bootcamp. I've already read before the purchase that the GPU heats up quite fast to temperatures up to 105/106°C, and then throttles a little to prevent the temperature from rising even more. I've noticed that even at such high temperatures, the fans don't seem to run at their maximum all the time; sometimes, they are more audible, other times less.

    I've found the tool Mac Fans Control, which allows in both Mac OS X aswell as on the Bootcamp partition to not just monitor the CPU/GPU temperatures, but also easily control the fan speeds. With this tool, I've tried to manually set the fans to full speed (2700 RPM) while playing games, and set it back to automatically adjust afterwards. So by setting the speed to 2700 RPM, the temperature the GPU reaches is actually a little lower: it never exceeded 102°C so far (which of course is still quite hot), but most of the time was around 100°C, sometimes only in the (high) 90's.

    I've tried this with Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight and MSGV:TPP so far, which are all three very demanding games. (I'm running Windows 10.) Also, when opening the menus in a game, or closing a game, the temperature fell QUITE fast that way. (Down to 80°C and below in a matter of seconds.)

    So my question, as stated in the title, is: would you advice manually setting the fan speed to the maximum when playing games? The maximum temperature the GPU reached so far was lowered by about 5°C as I said; so it could not only prevent thermal throttling (if that only starts at 105°C or higher), but also be more "gentle" to the GPU and motherboard: I'm afraid that running the GPU on 105°C might result in an earlier failure rate. I do not intend playing games on the iMac all day long; but when I do play a game on it from time to time, then I don't want to worry about shortening the life expectancy of my machine.

    Does running the fans at full-speed have any negative aspects? (Besides obviously a higher power-consumption.) How much do the fans suffer from running at full-speed? Are the fans in the iMac made for running at full-speed for longer periods of time? I don't want them to fail earlier either because I "mess around" with them. But then again, having to replace the fans would probably be much cheaper than having to replace the motherboard or GPU. (And both should fall under AppleCare within the first 3 years, I expect?) We don't yet know how good the iMac holds up over the course of many years when doing a lot of GPU/CPU-intensive tasks; therefore, I know that up to some point, it's more or less speculation right now. But I still like to hear some feedback and opinions on whether or not you would suggest manually running the fans that fast :)

    Thanks in advance.
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    It's not a gaming machine, but I'm pretty sure it can handle cooling itself on its own.

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