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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by dimitris77, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Hello folks,

    I am just currently a PC user but I would like to move to the mac world. I am interested in a desktop mainly for my photography. I mainly use Lightroom 5 and Photoshop from time to time but not a lot since Lightroom introduced the brush. I wanted to check if anyone has any experience with Mac Pro and Nikon D800 files.

    The Mac Pro I was considering is this. Is this going to be fast enough? If not I think I might just go for the new iMac.

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    Nov 23, 2012
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    Aug 31, 2013
    Hmm seems to work for me. Its this machine from OWC

    Apple Mac Pro
    2.66GHz 4-Core Intel Xeon Processor
    MB871LL/A (Early 2009)
    Compatible with / Ready for Apple OS 10.9 Mavericks
    Used | Very Good Condition
    OWC Tested. Quality You Can Trust.
    OWC individually inspects and fully tests every pre-owned computer to confirm full functionality and accurate grading. All refurbishments and/or upgrades are performed by our Apple Certified Technicians. That's why OWC is the most trusted name in Mac refurbishments.

    System Configuration:
    Memory: 16GB (4x4GB) PC8500 1066MHZ DDR3
    1.0TB 7200RPM HDD
    240GB OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD
    Optical Drive: 8X Dual-Layer SuperDrive
    Built-in Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000BT
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 120
    One Mini DisplayPort, One DVI Port
    Pre-Loaded/Licensed Software:
    Pre-loaded with Apple OS X 10.6.8 (Now supported by Apple for up to OS 10.9.x 'Mavericks')
    Apple iLife
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    Jan 17, 2012
    This machine is a good choice from the upgradability/future compatibility perspective. I bought the same model (4,1) and upgraded to a 5,1 (EFI hack available from and hex 3.33 gHz processor. Because this machine is physically very similar (virtually identical other than GPU, which is replaceable) to the current Mac Pros, it should have a long useable life ahead of it. Depending on your usage, you may find the iMac a better solution, but I have been enjoying the support the Mac Pro provides for storage and PCIe cards in my audio work.
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    Aug 31, 2013
    This is the attraction to me as well. I can put a couple of drives in and enjoy backups for my photos in one box. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with regards to the speed of this machine and Lightroom 5.

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