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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mlody, Dec 3, 2015.

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    My Lenovo T430 is slowly getting long in the tooth and I am hoping to get it retired early next year. I will still need Windows to do my work reliably and efficiently (yeah some might argue that, but I actually like Windows better then OS X for work at least). My company can only get me another Lenovo (I believe T450) with mediocre spec or any 13/15 inch Macbook Pro.
    I am leaning towards the 15" model and have two questions related.

    1. How are macbooks when it comes to multi-screen support? When docked (is there a such things for macs?)/in the office, I would ONLY like to use my two external screens - both 24" lenovo's - nothing else. Is this something I can easily achieve with a mac? All the mac users in my office they keep their macbook lids open and use just one external screen - I do not want to do that, as I like to have things symmetrical when I move between the screen and I do not believe using 13-15" screen for 8-10 hours is that good on eyes when I have two other bigger screen.

    2. Is a dedicated AMD card worth anything for someone who needs basically to run Windows 10 %80 of the time (as a VM) for a typical IT engineering work (share point,power shell, visio, project,rest of the office suite some home grown apps etc ??? So far my experience with a dedicated video card is far from satisfactory (at home we got macbook pro non retina 2012 and the dedicated nvidia card kicks in way to often and just kills the battery for no reasons - we do not game on nor use it for any graphic intensive work). I want to make sure that my new laptop has as good battery life as possible. My existing Lenovo has Intel 4000 integrated card and I find that card to be plenty powerful for my needs, but if there is any good benefit to pick macbook pro with AMD over the one without, I would like to know?

    I know that the one with a AMD card starts at $2499, but it comes with 512GB and has 2.5 Ghz CPU. If I were to go with non AMD model, I would skip 2.5 Ghz and go with base CPU, but upgrade flash to 512GB so in theory getting the dedicated card would cost $200 more -is it worth it for an office machine? I do not think so, I as prefer less heat and more battery life, but I would like hear some opinions.
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    1. Well it won't make any difference to your eyes but of course you can run it with 2 external screens in clamshell mode, it'll even run 2 4K screens externally if you wish.

    2. It doesn't sound like you'll need the better graphics so go for the one without the dGPU option, if you take the dGPU option it will always be engaged in windows (no graphics switching under windows) and also with external screens (not so good in clamshell mode.

    You want the quadcore in the 15 inch, especially if you use VM's for windows, although I expect you'll go bootcamp.

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