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    im not sure if this has been covered alot or if anyone found a fix for this.

    but everytime i use azureus with my MacPro 2.66ghz using 802.11n wireless or wired it disconnects and i have to unplug-replug it into reset it self and start up.
    if i remember i think it did this too with my Linksys Wired router, however under my XP partition it did not do this using uTorrent. so im not entirely sure what the deal is with this?

    i havent actualyl adjusted anything in my basestation that wasnt different than the defaults.

    im on channel 1, running firmware 7.2.1 ~ i havent changed any IPv6 settings or port mapping as im alittle confused on how to set that up with the AEBS.

    any information, and at the request of this n00b's request maybe a step by step procedure to test to see if i can run azureus while not actualyl ahving to use the system itself without timing out?

    thank you in advanced, i appreciate it.


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    I had the same problem. When I installed Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and configured the firewall, the Leopard firewall modified Azureus and caused my AirPort Extreme base station to crash (i.e. drop the connection and require a restart.) I suggest that you turn off the firewall and uninstall Azureus with AppZapper, or another uninstall utility. Then, reinstall Azureus and see if the problem persists.

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