AEBS Bonjour printer not printing


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I have a Canon MX310 hooked up via a USB hub (shared with a HD) to an gigabit AEBS. Everything works fine under Leopard but no Windows boxes (either bootcamp or otherwise) can see the printer as being online. I have the latest Bonjour and even tried manually installing the printer. I checked the port/IP and everything is as it should be. Airport Utility says that printer is being shared over Bonjour and the Bonjour Print Wizard has no problem finding the printer for me to set up but the printer appears offline and won't print. I have rebooted the AEBS. All boxes are running Windows 7.


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Jul 7, 2009
Are you running Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit. I had installed 64 bit earlier and I could see all of the printers and everything looked great but I couldn't print. Then I found there was a Bonjour 64 bit version and I downloaded that; uninstalled the 32 bit version then installed the 64 bit one and everything worked again. Hope your problem is as easy as this.

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