AEBS extended shipping times UK??

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by CplBadboy, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Hi all!

    Just been on the Apple store UK over the past few days deliberating whether to for for an upgraded AEBS over my first gen and noticed that today they are shipping in approx 1-2weeks. Earlier in the week times where in stock ready for shipping. maybe worth holding of buying in case of a all new design perhaps?? Noticed Amazon UK says available to ship 1-4months to now no stock (other than 3rd party sellers on marketplace) even those dont have a lot of stock?
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    Doubt it would be 802.11ac this early in the year. It's not expected to be officially released until the end of the year.
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    Cheers for the replies!!

    It maybe nothing but the 3tb time capsule has also dropped to 1-2 weeks shipping. This was in stock earlier today :confused:

    If anything I would like to see a refreshed airport line up. White just doesn't do it for me and the power brick looks out of place. If they could put it inside the housing a la ATV that would be sweet!!

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    The UK Apple store is now running short on 2Tb time capsules which have slipped to 5-7 business days from in stock yesterday and the rest of the week.surely a refresh is imminent?? I've been watching the stock shipping times all week and they have been slipping constantly. I reckon there will be a hardware refresh in conjunction with the education announcement next week. You read it hear first!!
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    I've got BT Infinity (FTTC) broadband being installed on Tuesday and had planned to purchase an Airport Extreme to replace the badly received router BT send out. I'm now seeing shipping times of up to two weeks on the Apple Online Store and my local Apple Store and Currys branch are out of stock as well. Could be nothing but I'm waiting for this education event before ordering!
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    You know not every delay means a refresh. Changes in supply can cause delays, or.........massive flooding in the country where a vast majority of hard drives are produced causing global shortages.
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    I totally agree with your post reference supple shortages etc. I realise the disaster in Thailand has affected the supply chain somewhat but it's the limited availability of the AEXtreme base station that got me thinking just to hold off a bit to see what comes in the next month or so. It maybe just one of those things above that may lead to nowt!! No harm in waiting a few extra weeks. :)


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    OP I was actually thinking the same thing yesterday.

    My AEBS died yesterday. I came home to find the green light off and the unit making a strange high pitched noise. Tried changing power socket, fuse and resetting but it still wont power on

    When I went onto Apple Store UK to check prices, I noticed the 1-2 weeks delivery. My first thought was that a refresh must be imminent. Then I also remembered that Apple have an Earnings announcement on 24th Jan. I think it's possible that they could release an update to AEBS then

    I think for now I may be able to cope without one for now, so I am going to wait until next week to see what happens
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    This is true, but I think most of us said it could be nothing! I don't think, given there is shipping delays online and my local Apple Store has none, that it's unreasonable to say your holding off for a couple of weeks before spending £140 on a router.
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    The AEBS is showing as in stock in other countries e.g. USA, Netherlands, France, Germany etc

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