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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by MAGNUStm, Feb 16, 2012.

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    I'd like to start with apologizing for all the n00b questions but I'm not so good at the wifi stuff.

    I just picked up a new AEBS last night and ran home, literally, to get set up. Now I'm no networking whiz, but with all the "It just works" comments, I read online I figured it should be a no-brainer... Until now I've been using the modem/router provided by TWC (Netgear CGD24G)... So I get home, unbox, plug it in and then notice that the Netgear only has a COAX and 4 LAN ports. I plug the AEBS into one of the LAN ports and it seems to be working ok.

    When searching for my new wifi signal I find both the Netgear and AEBS signals. I can connect to either and successfully access the the internet. I wasnt sure if this would somehow diminish the signal strength of the AEBS so tried logging into the Netgear portal to disable the wireless signal, however from what I can see, there is no way to do this.

    Can anyone someone explain what would be the best set up with my current gear. Or, should I have TWC provide a dedicated Modem?

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    This shouldn't affect the signal strength on the Extreme, but you will be unable to use Back To My Mac or turn on the Guest Network on the Extreme since it is currently in bridge mode. If you don't plan on using either of those two functions, I don't foresee any ill-effects from the way things are currently. You will need to contact your ISP to see about disabling the signal from their modem/router if you still want to, or to put IT into bridge mode so you can use BTMM or the Guest Network on the Extreme.
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    Can you disable the AP mode on your Netgear? This would stop the Netgear broadcasting wirelessly. Then you can put the AEBS into bridge mode.
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    Couple of other points:

    The AEBS will pick the "best" frequency to use when it's powered on based on what it "sees" out there already in use. When you have two AP, the further their frequencies are apart, the less chance of interference will exist.

    It sounds like your ISP provides an all-in-one package. It has an AP and ports already built in, it depends if you intend to use them or not. If you are going to use the AEBS, I recommend not using the Netgear AP or it's ports.

    If TWC will provide a dedicated modem, I would go that route. Without knowing the capabilities of the Netgear, it may comprise of lower quality parts, your AEBS may exceed its capabilities. Not all AP/routers are created equal.

    **Just because it says it's 802.11n, etc... Giga-ethernet doesn't mean it can handle the same amount of data flowing through it that an AEBS can.

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