AEBS/Tivo/Xbox/G5/Bose-All wirelessly connected

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by senseibiz, Dec 15, 2004.

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    Hello Everyone, I want to share how I connected all these components behind a fire wall. Hopefully someone will get something out of this, I did.

    I set up my Airport Extreme Base Station with my G5, and set it up with a 128-bit WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)Now I have wireless with my ibook and my emac.

    Tivo..... I have a series 2. I purchased a Airport Express (the little guy) and connected it to my tivo with an USB to Ethernet cable. Then go to the tivo options and select the Network settings. (make sure you set up your Airport Express to join network).
    At the same time, I purchased a Home stereo cable to RCA jacks. I connected my Bose system to the Airport Express for Air tunes.

    Xbox.... I purchased a Xbox game adapter. GO into the xbox live settings,wireless, advance option. The xbox should see your network but it wont be able to connect until you enter a password. The password it asks you is 13 characters long.
    This is where you get it, open your airport setup assistant and select the edit network settings option. continue thru the setup until you get to a window that will have a (show password) option on the bottom/left corner. select the option and you will see the 13 charachter password. enter the password on the xbox. also make sure you select the 128-bit WEP option before you enter password. Thats it you will be connected.

    Now I have all these components wirelessly connected under a firewall.

    Hopefully this will give you guys some help if you need it.

    good luck
    Sensei Biz

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