AEBS wireless issues cant figure it out

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ajohansson, Jan 9, 2016.

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    I have been in this house for year and half. Network has been great. As of last week occasional issues where the AEBS wont allow connection via the 5ghz only the 2.4ghz. So example no connection on our 5ghz network but if I switch to the 2.4 it works just fine. I have verizon fios and I dont use their router I use 3 - hardwired AEBS in the house set up as a roaming network per apples website. The first AEBS is hooked to the FIOS ONT in the garage and does all the routing. The other two are hardwired to it and are in bridge mode one upstairs and one downstairs. It has worked great until now and like I said its intermitent. The strange thing is if I plug in my laptop into the LAN I can get to the network. Wireless will like shutdown for a few hours then work again.

    If I go to airport utility while hardwired should it show all the routers? I would think so but as I am hardwired into the down stairs AEBS all I see is the upstairs AEBS I dont see the one Im plugged into. The whole thing is just wacky.

    I have unplugged stuff etc just hoping for some advice. Since I can hardwire in it does not seem like a problem from verizon.
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    Ok a little update. I went and powered down all the AEBS and back up and all is good. I got online and there was an outage in the area and people were blogging and complaining that last few weeks have been bad. I wonder if when the system goes down if the AEBS needs like a hard reset to get everything back in sync properly. As soon as I powered down and back up the last AEBS all was good. so weird.
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    Normally after a power failure, the airport should restart just fine. is switch mine off every night and it is back the following morning without any issue. But if you have an issue (stability, ...) i would switch them all off, restart the main one first then the ones on bridge mode. You should see them all in airport utility.
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    Could it be one of the 5GHz transmitters in the AEBS is failing?
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    The AirPort may be having issues getting a new IP from the modem following a outage. However, the issue with it working fine over Ethernet but not over wireless is indicative of failing internal wireless hardware.
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    So to follow up it was the power supply on the verizon ONT that was crapping out! They came out and swapped it and now good to go

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