Aegis - Battleship Shooting Game! (Don't get addicted!)

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    Feb 11, 2010
    Aegis is an addictive shooting game. You take control of a battleship and destroy every enemy in sight with your artillery shells. As you annihilate and complete every round, you are awarded credit, which, you can spend on upgrading 5 crucial elements of your battleship: accuracy, mobility, durability, attack power, and reload speed.

    Aegis is also part of the OpenFeint so can you get the top score in the community?

    Use the joypad or tilt to move player ship left or right. Stroke the screen to aim and shoot.

    1. Additive and challenging gameplay
    2. Up to 40 challenging levels
    3. 4 levels of difficulties
    4. Battleship ability upgradable
    - accuracy
    - durability
    - mobility
    - attack power
    - reload speed
    5. OpenFeint enabled
    6. Realistic physics projectile engine
    7. Realistic battle sound effects


    1. Purchasing of new shell types
    2. Allied ships
    3. OpenFeint achievement
    4. Additional levels
    5. Bug fix

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