AExtreme dual-band + AExpress G only for printer?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by chadamorrill, May 6, 2009.

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    Ok, so here's my setup now ::
    I have 2x AExpress G's running WDS in my house. 1 is upstairs (aptly named 'upstairs') and the other is downstairs (betcha can't guess that one's name). The one upstairs is connected to the cable modem, while the downstairs one has our Epson printer plugged into it via USB. This works very well providing lots of signal strength and accessible printing from the Mac, the wife's PC, and whatever other laptops I have running around at any given time.

    The problem ::
    One of my AExpress units keeps freezing and needs to be rebooted. Right now, it's the one upstairs at the cable modem.

    Various other info ::
    #1 The new mac is a Unibody MBP with wireless N, and I would love to upgrade.
    #2 I know with the AExtreme you can run the N network seperate from the G network so the MBP would be fast.
    #3 The only N device is the MBP. (EDIT: False, my AppleTV is also N)

    So, poll time ::
    #1 Is it worth it to upgrade? I've already trained my wife to go reboot the upstairs one and she's fine with that. I'm not, however... it's annoying!
    #2 If I upgrade to the AExtreme, can I still print using the good AExpress I'm currently printing with? (Does this WDS setup really change at all then, or would I have to use client mode on the downstairs AExpress?)
    #3 Is it possible to do the same with a DLink dual-band router if I switch the AExpress to a wireless "client," or would that defeat the dual-bandedness (I just made that word up)
    #4 My brain hurts.

    Any thoughts to clear up my mud?
  2. waw74 macrumors 68030

    May 27, 2008
    in response to your poll questions

    1. If you do a lot of file transfers on your wireless network (Time machine, or syncing to the :apple:TV count in this), then yes the N would be worth it. otherwise a decent G signal is more than enough to handle most home internet connections.

    2. You should be able to sill use WDS with the extreme as your main base, and and the express as the repeater (obviously would only be on the G side). Or you could just have the express Join the G network. Either way you should still be able to print.

    3. Yes, you can do the same with the Dlink as your main base. but as you said, just have the express join the G network. You won't be able to extend it.

    4. Can't help you there.

    a couple things to think about

    - 5GHz wireless (which you need to get the fastest speeds) is not very good at going through things (like walls or floors) so your range will be considerably less than a 2.4GHz G signal.
    There were place in my old apartment that I had a better signal from my G router which was further away.

    - you can also get a N-only router for the main router, and put an express on the wired network to serve the G. just put the express in "off (bridge mode)" under internet -> connection sharing.
    This is kind of what i do, but the other way, Have a Linksys (running DD-wrt) as the main router serving G, and an express serving N (named "my_network_G" and "my_network_N" or whatever)

    - With WDS or "extend a network" you will see a speed drop for every jump that you make. Approximately in half. So if you're going through 1 repeater - 1/2 speed, 2 repeaters 1/4 speed.
    Once again, for basic web surfing, 1 jump shouldn't cause too much of an issue.
    This doesn't apply if you have the express join the network as opposed to extend.
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    Hey thanks for the reply. I guess I'm confused... if I have two seperate networks, could I still print from the N network to the G network where the printer was served? My guess is not, which would prevent me from having two totally seperate routers.

    I guess the biggest question is, if I have the extreme and run 5GHz on my MBP, can I still print to the express G?
  4. waw74 macrumors 68030

    May 27, 2008
    yes, if everything is configured correctly.

    My music in on a linux server box that is hardwired to the network. Just so it's not taking up room on my laptop drive.
    my MBP connects to the network via an Express in N mode (or wired depending on where i am)
    I have an older express in my kitchen that joins the wireless G network that comes from my Linksys router.

    I can run iTunes on my laptop, and using airTunes it comes out of the speakers in the kitchen.

    so to play music from my laptop it goes...

    Linux box with music files on it
    N express
    --wireless N>>
    iTunes on MBP
    --Wireless N>>
    N express
    --wireless G>>
    Express in kitchen

    That is what the
    does. Anything connected to the wireless coming off of that express is the same as being plugged into the network.

    or if you get the new extremes with dual band, it takes care of that setting for you.
  5. chadamorrill thread starter macrumors 6502

    Sep 13, 2007
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