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    so i never got into the jailbreaking stuff but now since i got an ipad, i kinda want to so i can tether. but reading through some posts im a little confused. i know i want an untethered JB but it sounds like if you have a virgin 4.2.1 phone you cant jb due to know blobs or what have you. is this the case? do you have to have a previous jailbreak, or once out of beta i will be able to.
    i really am trying to search through posts but get more confused as each thread isn't consistent with answers. is there a "definitive" resource i should read?
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    OMG, what a great site. so i think i got it now, the SHSH blobs are only if you want to downgrade the firmware. other wise if i don't care about going to 4.1 lets say, i can just jailbreak, and restore to original 4.2.1 if something goes wrong.

    so tempted to try beta 6

    oh and t/y for not bashing me :)

    edit: wait, now im confused again, reading the 4.2.1 guide it says i need 4.2b3 shsh. so i have to "search" for that right?
    "Update 6 : Untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4G just released using redsn0w 0.9.7b4, 4.2b3 shsh required"
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    The jailbreak for 4.2.1 is currently tethered, meaning that every time your reboot or turn your phone off/on,you will need to run the redsn0w program to get the phone to boot up.

    The untethered jailbreak is still in the trial stages and it requires that you have the 4.2b3 shsh blobs already saved (too late if they are not already saved). you also have to have access to the 4.2b3 firmware, and if you are not a developer you do not have legitimate access to that firmware.

    Your only choice for a jailbreak for 4.2.1 right now is redsn0w, and that means that its a tethered jb,( for most)
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    Don't forget that if you don't have the blobs for 4.2.1 and Apple releases 4.3 tomorrow, you'll lose the jb if you have iOS failure.
    Remember that you can save blobs, even if you're not jb. D/l Tiny Umbrella and save the blobs.

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