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May 19, 2010
After 1 Day of iOS 7 Beta 1
Just my thoughts after the first day of using iOS beta 1. My background: I am an Architect and also Graphic Designer.

Lock Screen
Much cleaner, slide to unlock needs an arrow, what are you sliding? Maybe it should say swipe?. It has the left to right animation on the text, but the closest directional arrow is the up arrow for control center. Existing iPhone users won’t have a problem, but new users may. I do like that you can slide to unlock with any left to right gesture from anywhere on the screen. Control center and double click both work for music controls.

Much lighter drop shadow on apps and no drop shadow on app title. Makes it harder to read, but do you really read the title of the app after you open it? Parallax is kinda cool but messes with your eyes. App badges are on another layer up and parallax over the app icons. Loss of white border on the app badges and drop shadow make the them harder to notice. App icons have a slightly larger radius on the corners. All existing apps with a border will need to be modified (if not required to be by App Store guidelines). Some apps still contain shine: Twitter, Tumblr, Trailers, etc. I assume these will be removed eventually. Dock is reminiscent of the original iphone dock. Homescreen page indicators (dots) seem too large and smashed between the dock and bottom row of icon titles, the “home” is gone as is the spotlight page indicator.

Available from any homescreen, better than the home click on main homescreen.

Icon is hard to read and doesn’t read as a calendar. Lost functionality over iOS 6. No preview pane, no dots to show days with events, harder to read. I do like the year view and the ability to scroll from month to month without clicking the top arrows or the first day of the next month in iOS6.

The icon needs some work, it disappears on a light background. Equals sign needs to be a different color. Lost Memory functions in standard mode, but gained a few functions in scientific.

Phone / Messages / Facetime
Why are all 3 icons the exact same color/gradient? New phone icon is more curvy and could be a little bit larger on the button

Swipe to delete is backwards from iOS6 but gives you the More option for additional instructions. Top menu is cluttered with “Mailboxes All Inboxes (1) Edit”

Icon needs some work, maybe light blue around the circle instead of white. Looks like a compass app instead of an internet browser.

Icon is OK, but could use some improvement. I would prefer a simple camera lens over an old style camera icon. Swipe from video to camera to square to pano is great, much better than searching for the toggle for video or Options>panorama in iOS6. Big white button (red in video) could be transparent to match everything else, opaque white is too big and obnoxious.

Icon doesn’t read as photos, more like a color palette app. Collections and Moments are neat, but the text overwhelms the photos. Camera Roll is still available in Albums>Camera Roll. White background is also overwhelming on single photos, you can click the photo to get a black background, but I would prefer to view pictures with a black background

Most refined of the new interfaces. Would be nice to have it update on the homescreen, if only once an hour or fetch every 15/30 minutes.

Best looking new icon. iTunes Radio will replace Pandora for a lot of users. Had some trouble getting it to resume to the radio station after pausing, it would default to music instead of radio.

Cool icon and cool new skin. Black instead of white app, camera should follow suit.

Cool icon and interface. Swipe to standard and bubble levels.

Overall I like the newness of iOS 7. New doesn’t mean better, but it does show that apple isn’t just sticking with what they have and are making efforts to upgrade and bring some of the benefits to jailbreaking and android/windows phone to the iOS ecosystem. We will see how it is improved over the next few months till “Fall” and some of the issues resolved.
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