After All These Years, no auto correct for "i"


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Jan 17, 2008
Big D
WTF? The work around was to do a text replace with "i" in the left column and "I" in the right column but now they have a rule that the left column must be 2 characters or more. I mean, after all these years Apple can't correct this one word? If I type "johnson" it will want to capitalize the "j", but some how, the most common word we type that needs to be capped, Apple excludes. What is this, amateur hour? COME ON ALREADY!

and don't get me started on it not capitalizing the first letter of a sentence. apple, it's the little things!



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Apr 30, 2012
i couldve sworn in some data entry fields, it did correct this stuff, but i guess i was wrong. how come they can incorporate this with iOS but not on OS X?
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