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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Espnetboy3, Mar 3, 2006.

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    I wonder if anyone else has these issues. Basically If i render out a video from After effects and want it lossless meaning I render animation with millions + or None with millions + (In the format options in render queue) The playback is always messed up. When i open quicktime up and play the video it like freezes up and skips and what not. Ifi bring it into lets say FCP i have to render it then it plays fine. Whats up with this? If i render to sorenson 3 or like the dvcpro its totally fine but they arent the best of quality. The dvcpro is good but looks a bit smooth not as sharp. Any help.

    Im running quicktime 7 pro with a g4 733mhz 1.2gig ram.
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    You're computer cannot handle the Lossless Animation codec. Its wayyy too slow. RAM won't help.
    The only reason you can play it in FC (After rendering) is because FC converts it into a codec with a set bit rate (Which also happens to be wayyy lower than the lossless one)
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    Just as blaskillet4 says, your computer cant handle the lossless video. I do lossless on a Dual 2.7 GHz G5 and still at times get hiccups and freezes.

    The lossless compression is a setting only for transport.

    Just about all the video I do ends up with an added codec eventually. ie, DVD, mp4, mp2, H.264 etc...

    Lossless is used only so whomever recieves the video from me can encode without any previous encoding so as to achieve the best possible video. There is nothing worse than a codec on top of a codec.
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    Thanks guys thats what im learning now. They are like if i want to go from fcp to AE then back i would use animation codec. Do you guys know if the None is the same as animation which is basically no compression? Also what do you suggest for keeping it on the computer for viewing purposes being that i might want to watch it rather than write it to dvtape and have to watch it like that all the time? Jpeg photo isnt bad I dont think.

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