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Discussion in 'iMac' started by pacificmac, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. pacificmac macrumors newbie

    Mar 18, 2009
    Los Angeles
    Hi, I'm curious as to how AE CS4 performs on the imac gt130? I'm a beginner in AE but trying to improve my skills. I've been doing a lot of research here at MacRumors and have found helpful advice in regards to learning more about the graphics card in the iMAC. I placed my order on Sunday for 2.93ghz ATI RADEON 4850 but expect the shipping to be until April 20-24 (long wait!:eek:). I've read that the ATI may be the mobility version and if that's the case there should be minimal difference with the Nvidia GT130 ($50?).
    I would get the Mac Pro but is way above my budget and would like to stay below the $2000 mark. I had considered the previous gen. refurbished top of the line iMAC 8800gs (read it was close to gt130) , but since is only expandable to 4gigs that's not a good choice for the future. I appreciate your advice in regards to what's the best option for me, thanks.

    ps.-I came across the system requirements for AE CS4 and it needs multicore processor..should I be concerned with the imac 2.93ghz Intel Core 2 Duo?

    * Mac OS X v10.4.11–10.5.4
    * 2GB of RAM
  2. roski11 macrumors regular

    Feb 12, 2009
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    I have AE cs3 and photoshop cs4 and they both work fine. I'm running a 2.8 ghz with the 4600 chip on it.

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