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Mar 26, 2009
Just wondering what other After Effects users have made of the CUDA support in AE, I recently bought a PC super clocked 680GTX (mostly for gaming in bootcamp)

I haven't really noticed much difference in after effects. I know its just the Ray tracing renderer but how many people actually use this? It seem real slow to me. Think it's good for 3D Element but that's it really. Anyhow it sounds like adobe are already supporting OpenCL with the exception of 4 effects Fast Blur effect, Gaussian Blur effect, Directional Blur effect and Basic 3D effect. Which sound pretty good (I'm still on CS6)

Anyone using an ATI card with Adobe CC? Does OpenCL accelerated GPU speed things up a lot?

I guess I'm trying to work out which nMP to buy or if I should wait for the next one, in a year… or 2.
I'm on a 2.93 (2009) 8 core now with solid state and the GTX 680. Which is fast but thinking the new 12 core is the way to go, as I also do some Cinema 4D.

Judging by benchmarks it seems the 680 GTX I have now would be about the same as the D700 for gaming on the PC side, well I am hoping for a bit faster.

If you do AE what nMP will you be buying?


handsome pete

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Aug 15, 2008
The use of CUDA within After Effects is greatly exaggerated. As you mentioned, it's mainly used for AE's raytracing renderer, which I've never really used. Luckily Adobe seems to be on the ball with adding better OpenCL support. So that should be encouraging for those who plan on using their apps with a nMP.

I think the lack of CUDA support will be felt most by those who rely on certain 3rd party renderers. The nMP's GPUs won't help them much if at all with those.

Cory Bauer

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Jun 26, 2003
Once VideoCopilot's Element 3D plug-in came along I completely abandoned the raytrace 3D renderer in After Effects, which even on a Quadro 4000 card was unusably slow. Element 3D does far more and a thousand times faster.

Regarding the new Mac Pro, since After Effects relies so heavily on CPU and RAM I kind of suspect there really won't be any performance difference whether one opts for the D300, D500 or D700 cards; what do others think? Would really love to know. In the last Mac Pro, ponying up for the ATI 5870 over the stock ATI 5770 made no performance differences in After Effects according to this article, so I imagine the same will hold true with this new generation.
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