After Market lightening cable without errors?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pmcdn, Oct 25, 2014.

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    Are there any after market lightening cables for iPhones to keep in the car that truly won't give the BS error and quit working? I have purchased a couple that claim to never give the error, but they always do eventually.

    I LOVE Apple and have been using many of their products for years and won't change this. However, as awesome as Apple is, their accessories for their products are absurdly priced.

    Is this what it boils down to? Is the only way to have extra cables for my iPhone and iPad to spend between $20 and $50 bucks for a car charger??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I buy these from Amazon. Fully certified, never give me any problems, come in two colors and three different lengths, and all are cheaper than the Apple original cables. The insulation is a bit thicker too and they seem a lot more durable.

    The only drawback is the plastic molding around the connector is a bit thick, so some cases might have issues with them. but I only use clear skins, so they work fine for me.
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    Good to know.


    1.) what type of cigarette plug do you use for your car (if your car doesn't have a USB port built in)?

    2.) does the cigerettte part of the plug effect whether my iPhone will accept or reject a decent 3rd party lightening cable?
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    Mine has a USB port built in. But, for my significant other, I bought this one:

    Works well and charges iPads, too.

    It shouldn't. The charger only provides power, and it's the cable that communicates with the phone (there's a chip built into the connector).

    The one thing you do need to be careful of though, is that a cheaper charger could deliver the wrong current, which could damage a phone and cause some nasty results.
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    So you've bought multiple cables, jeopardized your new iPhone, because you don't want to spend $19 on an authentic lightning cable. :confused:
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