After Migration, Apps Keep Switching to Other "User" Prefs

Discussion in 'macOS' started by jordii, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Sep 9, 2008
    Spent the holiday dodging the relatives by migrating to a new MBP, which also involved an update to Snow Leopard. I made a bush league mistake in creating a user account before running migration assistant, and not using the same username. Permissions problems ensued, and disk utility couldn't totally help. I'll leave off the annoying details and get to the point.

    Here's where I'm at. Things are pretty settled down, but still, once in a while, apps randomly start throwing their prefs and app support files into my old, ported user account's library folder (only upon launch...they're certainly not switching while running). I know this has happened because all of a sudden, say, Safari will revert to default bookmarks, or 1password or keywurl will welcome me, and I'll find recently modified pref files in the old user/library folder.

    Restarting puts right....for a while. Repair permissions hasn't shown any repairs for a while.

    Do I need to kill that other user account? I'd rather not, plus I suspect it may just result in other sorts of bad behavior.
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    Sep 9, 2008
    I see the problem. My user accounts are all screwy (e.g. I see an admin-level user in "Accounts" without corresponding user folder...can't log on to that account... etc. So I'm going to totally redo. Does the following make sense?

    Back up my "good" home folder plus system stuff and apps (OS 10.6.2) to an external drive using superduper (note that stuff is 10.6.2). And hope I'm not just backing up the problem....

    Reinstall system software to the MBP (using my 10.6 system disks)

    Run migration assistant to establish my user account.

    Run combo updater to be sure everything's really at 10.6.2

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