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    Jun 26, 2010
    My iPhone 3GS was having major battery issues, so I decided to replace it myself with a really inexpensive 1600mAh battery I found online. The replacement went quite smooth, and the phone booted up perfectly after reassembling it.

    However, I noticed that in "Settings > General > Usage", it had said the time since last full battery charge was something like "14,789 Days and 15 Hours". On the "Usage" tab, where the description usually is, it said something like "374,493 Days" or something along those lines. Could removing power from the mainboard cause this...? And for some reason, when I booted it up for the first time, whenever I opened the App Store on the phone, it would give me an error along the lines of "Could not contact iTunes Store" and I would click okay and have to re-open the App Store, just to get the same error.

    Restarting the phone (semi) fixed both these issues. I can now access the App Store perfectly, but there is no statistic in the Usage section of the settings telling me how much time it's been since the last full charge, now it's just a "-". Is this normal? Could anyone explain why this happened? I double checked to see that I had all the connectors in the phone in their places and not loose.

    Thanks for helping me out! Just a little concerned about my phone :rolleyes:

    Edit: For anyone's amusement, I'll upload a picture of the Usage section once I get it off my phone. I swear, it isn't jailbroken or photoshoped or anything, it's a stock iOS with some sort of bug...

    Edit #2: Didn't want to double post... I attached the image to this post for anyone who wants to see it ~

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Okay, my phone just finished charging up to 100%. I unplugged it and checked the Usage menu to find that the time since last full charge things had been reset to "0 minutes", so I'm not so afraid about those anymore. I'm just still curious as to if disassembling the iPhone could've caused all of this.

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