After some time with the 4S, I'm actually ok with the current design.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AlvinNguyen, Oct 17, 2011.

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    I've had the 4 since launch day and now with the 4S for a couple days. I have to say, like many of you guys, I was really disappointed when I saw the announcement. Within 5 minutes the keynote lost me and I was googling the best android phone and research SGSII and Nexus Prime info. I wanted a NEW design darn it! But I've been down that path before (mytouch 4G, Nexus S, etc). I love apple products but I felt that I needed a bigger screen, a new design that looks fresh. However, after I stopped to breath for a second, I looked into the new camera, video quality, iCLOUD, and Siri - I couldn't thank Apple enough for doing what's right - building the infrastructure first.

    Did you take a step back from all the complaining and realize that we are getting a FREE cloud service. Perfect integration between tablet and phones. Beautiful pictures taken FAST (speed is key for photography). Not to mention we can talking to our freakin' phone! I mean how incredible is that? I saw a commercial for KINECT voice control and goes something like "play, pause, next track" - you can probably just tell Siri you're hungry and it'll pause the video for you (ok I'm exaggerating but you get my point - we can talk normally).

    So with that in mind - here comes the next observation. We might be bored of seeing the design, but look closer. If you are watching a futuristic movie, the iPhone 4/4S would be the most fitting - it's sleek, industrial, modern, and beautiful. It's not to say other phones aren't beautiful, but Apple perfected the designs to the point where Nokia (who I admired for their amazing designs) couldn't compete.

    Point is, they did it right the first time with the 4's design, then they further focused on the software and integration and AI. This is the better route. Why waste time on thicker phones with worse battery. And the screen size, while could be slightly bigger (3.7" to 4" max) is still an amazing feat. It looks beautiful and fits most people's hand perfectly. So there you have it, flame all you want but Apple was actually looking out for us. We don't appreciate it now, but this type of integration and AI is the future.
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    Oct 30, 2008
    Love this design. The only thing I'd like it to have the camera slightly in from the back of the device. I'm always paranoid laying ny phone down in case I scratch the lens.
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    This agrees with my line of thought. The current iPhone design may not please everyone, and some of the larger screen formats available from competitors do look alluring, but I think think it pleases most people. It's very refined, and the materials used make it feel ridiculously high-end and luxurious. I always expected there to be a 4S, but with the delay and all the media hype of an iPhone 5 I allowed my expectations to be raised. Like Apple were going to ditch such an incredible design in just one generation!

    The 4S with its redesigned antenna and improved internals really is the perfection of this design.

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