After Steve is gone, do you feel less and less enthusiastic about Apple's products?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by hajime, May 4, 2013.

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    To be honest, I never much cared for Steve Jobs. He always came off as rather arogant in my opinion. I returned to Apple despite his presence.
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    No. But Apple is not as entertaining as it was when Steve was around.
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    Watching keynotes now with Tim Cook isn't the same as with Steve Jobs. He's just kinda boring IMO. I still like Apple products, Macs and OS X in particular. Not so much iOS/iPhone/iPad. Too limited for me. I was hoping we'd see a dramatic change with Jony Ive, but looks like it's only going to be a graphical change, at least for iOS 7. I hope we'll eventually see more changes to iOS in the future.

    I used to be really into Apple, and hated all others. But after getting an Android phone I've stepped back and see all companies for what they have to offer. So I guess Android made me less "excited" about Apple, rather than Steve Jobs not being here anymore. I still like Apple, but am willing to consider others.

    But that's me :D
  7. juanm, May 4, 2013
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    Let's say that, Steve or not, the products they've been pushing out for the last three or four years are hard for me to get enthusiastic about. Now, every keynote it's the same thing: a new -thinner- phone, a new -thinner- laptop, a new -thinner- mp3 player. Software wise, they insist on dumbing down (or abandoning) every pro product they had. I made the switch to Mac because of Aperture, and now they have pretty much made it abandonware. Same thing for the Mac Pro, Final Cut, etc.
    The only exception has been the third gen ipad.
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    Not really no.

    I do find the "this would never have happened if Steve Jobs was still in charge" brigade, a tad irritating, ignorant and naive.

    Companies CEO's come and go all the time. It's par for the course.
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    Apple is a huge company. It has always been about a group of people rather than one man (Steve or Tim). The design process for new products will involve teams of people discussing their idears, and then other groups discussing if its possible to make or include.
    As for keynotes, I think Tim is a little bit dull but Steve was hardly the most entertaining. For me it's always about the product. If I'm in the market for a new iPhone, then of course I'm eager to see what it looks like and the new features are. If its a new laptop I don't really care because I don't use one and never will. I don't really care who does the delivery, its the content that matters.
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    Me either. I thought the last two keynotes were great too. Try watching another company's presentation and see if you can say the same thing about Apple's. Like really, just try.
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    Watch it, Pal...that's my line.

    And it's copyrighted!!!:mad:
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    Steve Jobs was an excellent salesman, but he didn't design anything. That said, Apple will do fine without him
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    I felt less and less enthusiastic before Steve was gone. They pretty much eliminated everything I liked about Apple and everything that got me excited. Now it's just phones, iPads, and way-too-basic software.
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    No, I don't.

    Yes, he was a marketing genius, had impeccable taste in design matters, which included the astonishing capacity to make us want products we had never known we might need, let alone want, was creative, original, and extraordinarily successful in a number of different enterprises.

    But, the usual big bad but, he was also an insufferably selfish, demanding, and sometimes really quite a nasty human being.

    I admire the design (that fusion of form and function by which outstanding design can be identified) and really like some of Apple's products, but (again, another but, what a useful and descriptive little conjunction this is), but, I have always been wary of the cult like fervour which he seemed to engender and indeed, encourage. I dislike cults, and above all, dislike the suspension of critical faculties usually required of believers, or members, of cults......

    The company will survive....and change....(or not) as is the way of all things.
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    No. Apple continues to make good tools, and I use those tools because, for me, they work well. I never bought an Apple product because of the CEO, I buy Apple products because they work well for me. And they appear to be continuing to work well.

    OK... maybe I miss some of the entertainment value of reading about Job's various eccentricities. Like figuring out how to keep his cars licence plate free.
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    And Yourself?
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    BTW: That train has left the station...
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    I am a bit meh.

    Even though Steve was in charge there are a lot of bright people at Apple. True the CEO leads, but other people give him advice.

    I am not crazy about iToys but others are. No matter who is in charge Apple would have been going towards them. The difference is Steve is a salesperson ... he would have eased the pain for people who rely on the computer portion of the business rather than think we would all happily trade in our desktops for iPads.
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    Yes, absolutely.

    But that has less to do with Steve going, than it has to do with Apple's trajectory in general - a trajectory that Steve started.

    I'm less and less convinced of Apple's ability to consistently deliver up to date high quality products across their entire line. They seem to be hampered by lack of bandwith from their technical management, and lack of investment in good engineers.

    Look at the multi year delays around all their pro apps. Time between hardware revs. Dull 2 year iPhone cycles. Mapping app mis-steps, and having to direct OSX engineers to finish iOS7.

    Against this backdrop competitors are catching up. Apple needs a re-design; I'm definitely less enthusiastic about it now than I have been for several years.

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