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    Jan 7, 2009
    After I installed ultrasnow following the guide to the T, I insert my international SIM card (in the Bahamas). I get a message saying Different SIM Detected". The problem is that its detecting the network with all bars in the top left corner.

    Anyone have any ideas? I've been searching the net for a work around sims ultrasnow has been released.
  2. MrBond008 macrumors newbie

    Jun 27, 2009
    Get Past "Different Sim Detected" message and keep iPhone from Locking Down into Emergency Call Mode

    For this procedure You Need:

    1. To Be willing to Blank/Lose ALL Data from your iPhone

    ** You Might Be able to keep your data by restoring from a backup after this procedure... but I am Not Sure
    ** I didn't try because I'm giving this phone to my girlfriend and I don't want here to see the numbers to my other bitches

    2. Get A Blank/Inactive Sim Card from AT&T (T-Moblie might work as well, not sure)
    3. A Wifi/Wireless internet connection for your iPhone
    4. Redsnow application for JailBreak
    5. Firmware file 3.0 "iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw" for Redsnow to operate

    !!!!!!!!!! BEGIN PROCEDURE !!!!!!!!!!

    Sim Card:

    - Get A Blank/Inactive Sim Card
    * I went into AT&T and they just gave me one
    * Don't let them scan it... that activates it and you need a blank for this procedure *

    *** You are Going to Lose Your Ability To Restore Data From Itunes Beyond This Point ***

    iTunes Prep:

    - Get iTunes to a point where it is setting up a - NEW iPhone when you plug your iphone in

    There may be other ways but I went to the extreme to be sure:
    - Uninstall iTunes and DELETE ALL ITUNES Data And Backups Including Firmware *.ipsw files
    - I believe deleting the itunes installation directory will do

    *** You are Going to Lose ALL DATA On Your PHONE Beyond This Line ***

    Phone Prep:

    - Turn Phone: OFF
    - Insert BLANK SIM
    - Enter Phone into "FORCED RESTORE Mode" By doing the following:

    -- Have iTunes 8.2 Open
    -- With the Phone OFF... Hold Down The Home Button and Plug the phone into USB While STILL Holding The Home Button
    -- Keep Holding The Home Button until you get a reaction from iTunes

    - iTunes will say: it has "located a phone in recovery mode" << or something of that sort
    - Proceed with the restore/update to 3.0 when prompted

    ** DO NOT RESTORE FROM Previous backups that have data **
    ** I believe the backups contain the SIM Carrier ID which will cause a conflict when you insert a SIM from a different Carrier
    ** In theory this is why we are getting the "Different SIM detected Message"

    Restore Complete:

    - When the restore is complete it said something like "Waiting for activation" or "Not activated"... This IS What we want
    -- Turn Airplane Mode: ON
    -- Turn 3G: OFF
    -- Turn WiFI: ON

    * This may not be necessary... I just did it as a precaution to keep the phone from reaching a carrier signal and lockdown into emergency call mode

    - JailBreak Phone with RedSnow using the 3.0 firmware file: iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw
    - Install Cydia during jailbreak
    - Install Ultrasnow
    -- In cydia add source: (the 0 in sn0w is a 0-ZERO)
    -- Intstall UltraSnow from source or by searching for ultrasnow in cydia search

    Ultrasnow Installed
    - When ultrasnow is installed:
    - Turn Phone OFF

    ** Don't MIX Up The SIMS or you will have to do this all over again

    - Take Blank SIM Out
    - Put NEW Carrier SIM IN (such as T-Mobile)

    Turn Phone ON

    - Turn Airplane Mode: OFF
    - Turn 3G: On

    * You should see your NEW carrier signal come online =)
    * If you do not see your carrier signal come on with a reasnoable amount of time - just reboot once more

    ** This has worked for me twice on 2 phones.

    ** The KEY is AVOIDING Activation/Carrier Signal until ultrasnow is installed

    The Bastard
  3. point665 macrumors regular

    Jun 27, 2004
    I tried following these steps and several other, but constantly ended up with the "different sim detected" error... I finally gave in and plugged into iTunes, right away the phone reported it was activated.

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