Aftermarket SmartCover clones -fixed


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Nov 27, 2010
If you have a smart cover clone (ebay, china, etc) that isnt "magical" (doesnt turn the screen on and off) the solution is easy - and ugly. Holding the smart cover with the inside (the side that touches the ipad glass) facing you, and the metal bar on top, the culprit is the round magnet three inches in from the left, and maybe 3/8th up from the bottom.. using a razor blade I cut out a little square around that area, took out the little magnet and flipped it over, and glued down the little cloth flap with some crazy glue. The polarity was the only issue and now mine works fine. Or just buy a real one. :)


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Oct 15, 2008
Oh sure, now that I tell you you claim to know (kidding). "We all" is a pretty bold assumption (not kidding).
Several case manufacturers have announced a fix and there's been numerous threads about it! But thanks anyway for sharing! :cool: